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How to Organize Your Stationery Drawer

Be it a workplace, study or your bedroom, getting a perfect desk is not a challenge, but organizing a stationery drawer is. Arranging a stationary drawer, if not done right possesses the power to make your life a living nightmare by indirectly affecting your work spirit. It needs to be both intuitive and accessible because we all want our desks – and stationery drawers – to work for us, don’t we?

Here is a thing or two, you should know about key office supplies online to help you alleviate your frustration and aggravate your productivity every time you open it.

Decide Hard-Heartedly About Needs to Be Kept In the Drawer

Before emptying your drawer to reorganize it, start thinking seriously about what needs to be in there. Start by making a list of what is necessary and what is not. Discard all those pretty fur pens if they have run out of ink and those Hogwarts pencils that are too slippery to hold and you rarely ever use. If you fill up your drawer with unnecessary stuff, there will hardly be any place to keep the essential thing.

This might sound like a pretty ruthless tip near some, but it is really important. Keeping unimportant things might lighten up your mood every time you open your drawer, but compare the joy with the frustration that comes from being unable to find what you need at the time. You wouldn’t want that, now would you? Hence, it is advised to you that with a heavy-heart set aside the things that are not essential.

After you’ve made up a list, ask yourself what more necessary and what is less. Divide your stuff into what needs to be in front of you or within easy reach all the time.

Take an Inventory

Once you have sorted out what needs to be in the drawer, there comes time to explore the drawer space. If you are an office worker, you would feel like you have forgotten about half of the items in the drawer. To make it easy, try this step. Take out all the stuff from inside, and arrange them into Trash, Recycling, Supply-Closet,. This will help you further shortlist the items and save you some precious drawer space to keep other important things besides pens and scissors. Though this might take you some time since you have had everything in that drawer for so long, it all might seem important, but once it is done, you will be happy with the outcome.

Arrange By Items of Most to Least Used

The key to a perfect arrangement of stationary drawers is the sequence. To have a perfectly organized drawer, you need to take a lot of factors – which might sound absurd if mentioned without explanation – into consideration. First, always choose a drawer that lies to the side of your dominant hand because stationary drawers need to be accessible at all times. Choose this drawer to put all the important things like pens, staplers, rubber bands, highlighters, etc. The rest you can put away in other drawers close to you.

If You Are Too Messy, Try a Desk-Organizer

Some people just cannot keep their stationery drawers organized for more than 5 minutes. To save such people, drawer-organizers have been designed to help them keep things at least a bit in control. However, desk drawers cannot prevent drawer disasters. They are helpful for small things such as rubber bands, clips, mini-staplers, nibs, etc. Besides, drawer organizers keep you away from the temptation - or should we call it messiness – of throwing just about anything in your stationery drawer.

Find Your Way

If your desk has more than one drawer, you would need to try the same tips but with a different approach. Organize them accordingly, important things in the first ones, larger stuff in the other, etc. Also, labeling your drawers can assist you in finding important stuff in an emergency. Labeling the drawers would save you from creating a mess of your organized drawer to find the one thing that you couldn’t remember where you put.

Save some Room for File Folders

This tip is for wide-drawer owners. If you have a wide drawer with more than enough space – do not waste it by putting all unnecessary things you just discarded, instead leave it for file-folders. In this digital era, important documents are usually backed up by or kept in hard-drives, but the benefits of keeping them in hard-copies are definitely worth the space in your drawer. Besides, if you do arts and crafts, you can keep colored and glittered sheets in the folders and keep them in the drawer. But the key is to discard any documents are no longer important, instead of standing them up.

Conclusion      A stationary drawer can be a beautiful thing and can uplift your spirits, be it during work or study and make the task at hand more enjoyable. An unkempt drawer can frustrate you each time you open it. Therefore, organizing your stationery drawer

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