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How to Outfit a New Restaurant (Without Overspending)

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Starting a restaurant business can be quite a difficult process. A good restaurant is difficult to create and harder to maintain. Therefore, making sure that you create something which is both attractive and functional is great, as it means your business will likely flourish much longer. With that in mind, here are some of the most important elements you will need to properly outfit your new restaurant. And it won’t cost you a full three-course meal to do so. 

Kitchen Equipment 

The biggest and most necessary investment in any kitchen space is that of your equipment. No matter the food you’re cooking, cuisine from whatever point in the world, it can be extremely good or bad–subjective opinion–but, you do need to make sure that the equipment can handle your output. 

Equipment can include simple things such as a service and preparation area. Or you may need specific pieces of equipment (think a stone pizza oven in certain restaurants). Either way, you need to ensure this is managed and the quality is fairly high in order to produce good food. Often, you will find that most rented restaurant spaces will have the equipment you need already. But, for those that don’t, you need to consider the investment of installing better equipment

If you have a specialist food item, etc., then you may also want to invest in good quality equipment to ensure it is produced at the highest quality. As it is these ‘specials’ that will get your restaurant on the map. 


You can get away with cutting plenty of corners when establishing a new restaurant. But, the one thing you shouldn’t be cheap with is seating. A comfortable seat can keep the drinks flowing all night. Whereas uncomfortable, bulky and simply cheap seating can push your patrons out the door as soon as the bill is presented to their table. 

So, choose seating which is both stylish and functional, with an added dash of comfort. And make sure that your outdoor seating areas are the same! Invest in patio furniture which will be attractive to anyone coming to your restaurant, presenting a comforting space both day and night to relax in temperate weather (and maybe throw in some heat lamps for less than ideal weather).  

The Necessary Technology 

Card payments are the standard purchasing method of the modern world. So, for that reason, you need to make sure that your restaurant business can manage that demand. Also, surprisingly, most restaurants will also need a computer to function to the best of their abilities. As well as a telephone and other basic technologies like that. So, make sure that you invest in this and set it up correctly at an early stage and you can benefit from having this installed on day one.


The final consideration that you need to make when it comes to outfitting a new restaurant is the art. 

Art speaks to the soul, it makes food more palatable and, well, it’s nice to look at when eating. So, for that reason, when creating a new restaurant you need to consider the impact of art on your diners when making your choices. Unfortunately, art is a subjective topic and everyone has a very different opinion. Meaning what you choose may not necessarily be right for your new eatery. 

One good tip is to choose art that fits in with your cuisine. If you are an Italian restaurant, for example, having art which leaves the view reminiscent of Italy can be valuable. The same with Chinese, Indian or any other cuisine with a recognisable artistic heritage. It’s simple, but an incredibly effective way to decorate your space in an authentic way. Of course, you may want to choose a more contemporary art piece instead, especially if you want your restaurant to feel ‘new’. 

At the end of the day, it could serve you well to simply choose art that fits in with your personal style and hope that other people who visit and view it then ‘get it’. In such cases, you may find that you will have both compliments and complaints pertaining to your style. So try and give it a lot of thought. 


On the whole, you need to make sure that you have a good checklist and that you slowly but surely tick this off. Otherwise, you may find yourself missing out on some important elements to making up your restaurant the best that it can be. Therefore, make sure you have the right equipment and your restaurant will flourish. 

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