How to Paint Your Room like A Pro


Every day you wake up and see your deteriorating room walls instead of some bright shade which you have been longing from so long. But, you are so busy with your office work, neither do you get the time to talk to a professional expert or do-it-yourself just seems like a nightmare to you.  

Painting your room can be a stressful task, but it shouldn’t be. There are two ways, either you can do-it-yourself or contact professional painting experts who can also help you with the budget estimates like cost to paint a room, cost to paint the whole house or just the exteriors. 

So, we have created a list of few tips on how you can paint your room like a pro in less time:

Prepare the Walls

Inspecting and preparing your walls should be the first step in preparing your wall for a new paint. Fill gaps from things like pictures and strip away regions of chipping paint. Try to remove wall marks by using a rag and a household wiper to clean the area. 

Safeguard Your Goods


After you are done with preparing for walls, you need to save your goods by using painter’s tape. All your valuable items should be kept aside or covered like door, switches, window panes & mouldings. 

Move your furniture out of the room with plastic or a canvas covering to make space for yourself while painting the room. Ensure the floors with a drop material. When you've secured your bases, open up your paint can and empty it into a plate. For greater occupation, use roller screen joined with the five-gallon pail for a significantly increasingly effective framework.

Get Handy with Your Tools

Besides the paint and primer, you should have these handy tools for your paint job; The sort of roller and roller covers you need relies upon your paint and the surfaces you are painting. You may likewise need to consider an augmentation handle for the roller. As with rollers, solicit which size and type from brushes you should purchase when you buy the paint. You will need clothes to clean your brushes. Use sandpaper for getting surface ready for painting. 

Start from the Top:

If you want to start painting, start it from top to bottom. When you start your paint work from ceiling, it can give you a symmetric view of how your work is being done. 

Let the Paint Dry & Store Supplies:

When you are done with your paint work, try to not touch the walls at least for 2 hours. Rather concentrate your vitality on saving your brushes and any outstanding paint. Wash your brushes and rollers with warm water and perhaps a tad of mellow cleanser. For the jars of paint, simply hammer the top back on and store in a cool, dry spot.

And of course, last not the least, here is a list of decorating tips & tricks to add to your painting list. 

  • Abstain from cleaning your brush or roller throughout each break and envelop them by saran wrap.

  • Append a compartment cover to your brush – this little change will get all paint drops. 

  • Wipe down any metal surfaces with vinegar to shield the paint from stripping. 

  • Unstuck muddled brushes by absorbing them hot vinegar for around 30 minutes. 

  • Rub a flame over wooden surfaces to accomplish an antique-like tasteful. 

  • Abstain from painting screws and keyholes by covering them with a scramble of oil jam. 

  • Spread your entryway pivots with some covering tape.

  • A build up roller is all you have to take the fluff off your paint roller and get down to work.