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How to pass NEBOSH IGC in first attempt

NEBOSH IGC stands for NEBOSH International General Certificate. It is a course aimed at offering skills and knowledge in the field of organizational health and safety.

 It is one of the most important qualifications for anyone trying to build a career in health and safety. You do not require any previous health and safety knowledge to take up the course.  

Widely taken up by managers, supervisors, and employees throughout the world the NEBOSH International General Certificate gives you the knowledge and training to meet health and safety needs in any kind of organization. It is one of the most sought after safety courses in India.

Health and security professionals are in great demand in almost all types of organizations. A holder of the NEBOSH General Certificate, by virtue of his skills and training, can recognize and limit dangers, comprehend risks and dangers, comply with wellbeing and security acts and reduce the chances of accidents and risks at a workplace. A NEBOSH IGC holder helps the management build up a secured and safe workplace and a powerful security culture.  

How to Prepare for the NEBOSH IGC

Passing a NEBOSH IGC can be very easy if you follow the following simple tips: 

1) Make a list of central topics.-You will find a lot of youtube videos on the central topics. Watching them regularly and over and over again will create a lasting image on your memory. 

2) Go through the sample answers- Collect the sample answers from www.NEBOSH.org. You will find two pdf on the site- one on IGC1 and the other on IGC2. These will teach you how best to formulate and write the answers. 

3) Visit www.hse.gov.uk-  where you can study a lot of case studies on health and safety issues and their importance in organizations. 

4) Look out for the COMMAND word-Answer the questions in a short and simple way. Be specific. NEBOSH is not looking for long, unspecific answers. Answer to the command word that is asked.

5) Do a good analysis- Analyze situations well. Be confident and aware.For any inquiry on a NEBOSH course in Chennai, you can contact us.

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