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How to pick a moving company

If you are planning to shift your home soon, how to safely move all your stuff to your new home can be a big worry. Moving companies can help but only if you choose the right one. This article is a brief guide telling you how to pick a moving company that suits you the best.

Start early

You should not wait until your moving date has come close before starting the hunt for the best moving company. Start your research early. This way, you can reach more than one good option. And you will have enough time to compare them and choose the one best for you. Next is what to look for when hiring a moving company;

Get referrals & read reviews

Ask your friends or family members for good moving company near you. Someone who has shifted his house recently or real estate agents can also be helpful. These referrals will assist you a lot in your ‘hunt for The Mover’.

Reading reviews and recommendations on trusted sites can give you some major leads in this hunt of yours.

Find the experts

If you have special stuff to move e.g. medical or lab equipment, computers, or musical instruments, etc. you should look for the experts. Look for a company that provides reliable moving and storage of these special items.

Approach different companies and get estimates

After this research, probably you will be able to have at least 3 companies on your list. Approach these companies. It is better to visit their business address. Get an in-person estimate, and while doing so try to be as specific as you can. Tell some big details about your current and destination location e.g. address, street width, the floor of the apartment, or number of stories of the house, etc. These details can make big changes in the moving cost. 

Also enquire about the costs covered in this estimate, e.g. whether or not it includes the fuel costs in it? Also, ask whether you will have to pay before or after the move? Ask questions that will gather you enough information about the company.

Be cautious of red flags

If at any step, a company does not seem credible to you, leave it and look for another one. Movers can be untrustworthy if they show unprofessional behavior during the estimate, don’t have a proper business address, don’t answer questions properly, are unsure of their abilities, seem hungry for money before moving your stuff, have rented vehicles for transportation, etc. Don’t choose a company having these signs. 

Make sure of the company’s registration and insurance

You should make sure the mover is licensed. Verify the license number through the website of the transportation authority/department of your government. If you are a US citizen, this protect your move website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) can help you. 

Also, make sure the mover is insured. There may also be some additional requirements to fulfill according to the local law. 

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A thorough estimate and the final decision

After the above steps, choose the company that suits you best and offers you the perfect balance between quality and price. Call this mover over to your location and get a thorough estimate from him. Keep an open eye and clear mind, because now you will have to make your final decision. If you have enough satisfaction with the mover’s estimate and conduct, make the deal and hope for the best. 



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