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How To Pick the Right Jewellery as Per Your Style

Are you the kind whose wardrobe is overflowing with jewelry, and you're still at a loss on what to wear? Or are you the minimalist looking to buy pieces that you'll love and use for a long time? Whichever category you come under, the struggle of not knowing what to wear for that momentous social occasion is real. Hoping to make things easier is the purpose we set out to serve today. As many of us tend to veer towards only one kind of Indian jewelry online when shopping online, let's focus on the role different pieces of jewelry play and how we can strike a balance and create our style in the process.


What's the first piece of jewelry that you notice when you're talking to someone? More often than not, it's their earrings. With online meetings and discussions becoming more popular in pandemic times, earrings have become that prominent piece of jewelry that usually gets noticed, the reason being that they're in your viewing field. 

The right kind of earrings can frame your face in a flattering manner, making it essential to choose wisely. So, keeping the shape of your face in mind, choose earrings that accentuate your best features. Try a range of materials and styles to find what complements you best, and go for it. Also, keep changing your earrings at least once a week to get that refreshed look and feel.


From adding to your corporate look to glamming up your festive wardrobe, there are long necklace sets calling out to you for every occasion. However, many women face the challenge of not knowing what to wear with which attire. As a result, either your necklace goes unnoticed or stands out too overpoweringly. Don't fret. Keeping these things in mind will ensure that your style quotient is noticeable in the most fascinating way possible.

  • Experiment with different lengths of necklaces, till you find the ones that you feel compliment you best. 
  • Experiment with a mix of metals to complement your attire. Other colored metals may, at times, enhance your look. 
  • Check out the range of semi-precious stone studded jewelry too, and you may find something you love.
  • With all the above aspects in place, do remember to match the neckline of your dress with your jewelry too. 


Be it ankle bracelets, statement bracelets or bangles, this jewelry sits pretty on your arms and ankles and enhances your style. Picking the suitable bracelets or bangles should be done to match your outfit and your mood. So, if the party's mood sways towards traditional, you can opt for intricate conventional designs or go for solid geometrics if it's a classy formal evening. Whatever you choose, feel free to experiment with styles, and you'll be surprised at the magic bracelets can create. If you're in for experimenting, try stacking bracelets, to create vibrance and panache.

Finger rings

Often considered an intimate piece of jewelry, few people know that the details you choose and the finger you wear them on tell a lot about you. Go with your gut feeling when buying finger rings, and don't be afraid to experiment. Today's talented jewelry designers have made a vast and stunning variety of finger rings possible. 

  • You can choose to stack these beauties on the same hand or distribute rings on both hands. 
  • You can mix and match the metals and materials as well. 
  • Opt for statement pieces for festive occasions and choose subdued classics for more formal occasions. 

Attention to what you don't wear

This may seem like an odd piece of advice, but it is accurate and rarely given. Rather than overdressing and overloading yourself with jewelry, pay attention to what you don't want to wear. Here's how to go about it.

  • When gearing up for a particular event, choose what you want to showcase. If it's the beautiful neckpiece you picked up, then plan your attire accordingly and vice versa. Such versatility will enable you to experiment and showcase better.
  • You can wear a stack of rings, but sometimes less is more. Choose whether you'd like to wear rings on all fingers or use one statement piece.
  • While necklaces seem like the go-to jewelry, it isn't essential to wear them all the time. You can choose to wear statement bracelets and show off the neckline or embroidery on your dress instead.
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Syandita Malakar
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