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How to plan an Indian wedding in summer

As Indians, we are accustomed to all kinds of weather conditions. When it comes to planning an Indian wedding, people usually choose dates that fall between October and March. However, there has been a significant transition in the wedding industry over the years. The shift in styles, wedding themes, décor, wedding timelines and the approach of wedding planners has made a huge impact on modern-day wedding celebrations. The main concern while planning an Indian wedding in summer is mostly the weather conditions and the consequences that come with it. Guests fear humidity, dehydration, discomfort, and heat waves that cause hindrances to the wedding celebrations. 

This guide is your saviour when it comes to planning a wedding in summer and to make sure that the extreme weather conditions should be the least of your concerns when it comes to making significant wedding-related decisions. To ensure the comfort of your guests and to guarantee their enjoyment, the following points will help you beat the heat on the auspicious occasion of your wedding. 


The guide to a summer Indian wedding

  1. Choose a suitable location 

- When choosing the appropriate venue for your wedding, it is advised to look for a location that had both indoor and outdoor spaces. Indoor spaces with centralized air conditioning can be beneficial for those who do not want to stay in the heat for long. 

- Most wedding venues in Delhi provide these kinds of spaces, where the families have an option of hosting functions indoors and outdoors. There are wedding venues in Chattarpur, Noida, Dwarka, Mahipalpur and many more places in Delhi that are famous for their locations. 

- Additionally, there are several wedding venues located amidst lush and green areas that automatically provide a serene environment for weddings. This reduces the effects of the heatwave in the city and helps to keep the area cool.


  1. Appropriate catering and bar menu 

- Choosing the right food menu is very imperative for a summer wedding since not all food items are edible. Some may become stale in the heat, and some can be too heavy to consume in the daytime, leaving people lethargic and demotivated. 

- Focus on choosing a food menu that consists of refreshing appetizers, fruits, salads, and light snacks. If there are non-vegetarian items, then ensure that the snacks are stored well before being served to avoid any embarrassing incidents. 

- Nothing is better than a bar menu that consists of refreshing drinks that will keep you hydrated and cool. There are so many varieties of cocktails and mocktails that can be customized for the guests. Cool drinks are the best way to ensure that the celebrations are lively. 


  1. Extra effort for hydration

- Hydration is very important for the guests if the wedding functions are hosted during the day. Proper measures need to be taken to avoid any casualties such as heatstroke.

- A great trending idea is to welcome all the guests with refreshing welcome drinks in different flavours. If the guests are consuming alcohol at the wedding, it will be advised to keep the welcome drinks alcohol-free. Alcohol causes more dehydration, so it is better to create a balance when it comes to the bar menu. 


  1. Suitable wedding attire

- Summer weddings are perfect for lighter coloured outfits. Pastels, nudes, or light colours are the best choice for wedding outfits. If the functions are held during the day, the bride and groom can opt for lighter shades for their attire. If it is a day wedding, the bride (if she wants) can break the stereotype of being a red bride and choose a lighter shade for her lehenga. 

- The fabrics for wedding attire can be experimented with. Opting for fabrics such as cotton or chiffon will make it easier to carry the wedding outfits without any hassle. 


  1. Appropriate timeline for functions 

- Any summer wedding can be held flexibly by planning out different functions on different days. Ideally, most people choose to host wedding functions in the evening or at night in summer because the weather cools down and the décor looks even more vibrant. 

- Photoshoots can be held in the late afternoon or evening so that the costumes and make-up look sharp and vibrant for the couple. 


- There can be a break between functions if there are multiple functions in the day. This way the guests would also get ample amount of time to rest before the next ceremony. 


  1. Refreshing décor and wedding props

- Light coloured décor and pastel colours are the most appropriate choice for a summer wedding as these colours are associated with the summer palette. 

- Some vibrant coloured décor can be a good choice as well for day functions; however, the decorations can be minimal to avoid excess colours. 

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