How to plan an ultimate Asian Wedding


Weddings are hard to plan and when it comes to planning a perfect Asian wedding the pressure just gets double. From deciding a wedding date to fixing a great venue for Asian cuisine, aligning all the wedding arrangements with all the cultural and religious preferences can be a little overwhelming. The wedding is a once-in-lifetime event for anyone, so adding an extra bit of luxury and style is kind of essential especially in Asian weddings. So whether it is a traditional Asian wedding or an intimate celebration with a modern twist, there are some tips that come handy when it finally comes to planning. Let’s dig into the details.

Choose a lavish or unique theme for a memorable experience:

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Consider a wedding theme that reflects your personality and is easy to follow. An Asian wedding might include elements from regal weddings such as folk performers, puppet shows and a long procession of live musicians and performers. If you are too much influenced with the celebrity glamour then a Bollywood themed wedding is also a good choice. It might involve your relatives dressed up as iconic movie stars and entering your wedding venue on a glam red carpet in a luxurious wedding car.

Choose your wedding venue wisely since it sets the overall tone of your wedding:


First, consider the guest list so that you’ll have an idea of how big your wedding is going to be. There are also certain budget constraints when searching for a wedding venue. If it is a Chinese wedding, then you might be after a rooftop space where you can hang illuminating lanterns and enjoy a brilliant firework display. And if your wedding is based on Arabian nights theme, then you must look for an outdoor space.

Include an element of surprise to make your wedding truly memorable:

For this, you can hire a professional Bollywood choreographer to get all your family members off the chairs onto the dance floor. You can also consider booking a magician who can go from table to table to entertain your wedding guest with magic tricks and illusions. And if your budget allows you, you can go for an Asian wedding car hire to make a grand entry at your wedding venue with class and style. Only, A luxury wedding car is enough to add a magical and surprising element to your wedding.

Display your culture and amp up your festive atmosphere in a magnificent way:

Make your food menu in a way that represents your cultural heritage. Choose a caterer who is specialised in local delicacies. Also, include chaat and street food to your food bonanza. And if you want your guest to remember the food for more than just taste then name the dishes by yourself. “First date Paneer Tikka” and “Aunt simmi k favourite ladoo” are some example dishes that will surely get your guests talking.

You will be surprised to know that an Asian wedding is much more than just the official ceremonies and reception. Cultural and religious formalities, as well as Hen and Stag parties, are all a special part of tying the holy knot. So start early and prepare for all of them efficiently so that any of your wedding festivity won’t go without a spark.

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