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How to Plan and Manage a Kitchen Renovation Project?

A kitchen makeover has the power to boost the functionality and ambience of your kitchen, and transform the style of your home. If budget is not a constraint for you, then it is recommended to take the assistance of a reputed kitchen renovation company in Melbourne. Conversely, if you’re working with budget restrictions, then managing a kitchen renovation all by yourself is a better option. If you intend to go with the latter option, then this handy guide will help you to plan and organise your kitchen renovation project.

Stage 1: Planning & Designing the Kitchen Layout

Begin by making a rough layout for your kitchen. In case, you’re not sure from where to start then without a second thought, begin by applying the tried and tested work triangle rule – busy sections of the kitchen viz.: 

(1) Cooking area consisting of the cooktop and microwave or oven

(2) The sink and

(3) The refrigerator

Next, think about positioning your electrical and gas lines, as well as plumbing connections. Besides, you can make provision for placing the dishwasher and the trash bin close to the sink, which will make post-meal cleaning easier. Moreover, you need to figure out where you will position your smaller appliances such as toaster, coffee machine, kettle and any other kitchen appliances that you need to use daily. 

Stage 2: Determining the Plan & Budget for Kitchen Renovation

Prepare a list of all items that you will require to complete your kitchen renovation. Figure out the budget that you are comfortable spending on each item on the list. Prepare a schedule to source your products and labour, and the right order to complete each of the activities. Setting up a budget and timeline will be very useful when shopping around for your kitchen fit-outs and appliances, as well as, contacting tradespeople and finding out their availability.

Stage 3: Choose Ready-Made or Custom Cabinetry

Ready-made or DIY flat-pack cabinets are manufactured and sold in standard sizes, which you or a handyman can install. While you can purchase quality ready-made cabinets at low prices, they are not good at utilising all of the available space optimally. However, you can complete a flat-pack kitchen makeover on a budget in less time.

On the other hand, if you want to go with custom made cabinets, then you’ll require the assistance of a professional kitchen cabinet maker or carpenter in Melbourne. The beauty of custom made cabinetry is that it can utilise all the available space and can maximise the storage space for you. Custom cabinets are very durable as you can choose the superior quality of wood and materials, so it will last you for many years to come. Nonetheless, before you go out to contact the appropriate tradespeople for the job, you need to have a clear idea about the type of cabinetry you want for your renovated kitchen.

Stage 4: Purchasing Kitchen Fit-Out

For your kitchen fit-out, you’ll need to source fixtures, fittings and appliances. According to your layout design, it can include benchtop for kitchen and island, splashback or tiles or a combination of both, sink, refrigerator, range hood, stove, microwave or oven, taps, handles or knobs for your cabinets, drawers and cupboards etc.

Stage 5: Contacting the Right Skilled Professionals or Tradespeople

Well, you will need to contact a few skilled professionals to install the new kitchen for you. It can include the following:

  • Expert and licensed electricians, so they can connect all the power points.
  • A professional plumber to install drainage pipes, kitchen sink and taps. In case, you have a gas cooktop and oven then you need contacting an expert gas-fitter plumber to install them.
  • A professional carpenter or cabinetmaker to take out your existing cabinets and construct new custom cabinetry or install new ready-made cabinetry.
  • A reputed kitchen benchtop supplier to supply and install your new kitchen benchtop.
  • Skilled tilers to lay the flooring and install stone or glass splashbacks or tiles in your kitchen.
  • A painter if you have any kitchen wall that needs painting a fresh coat of paint.

Stage 6: Supervise the Demolition & Installation

Everything is ready, and now you can commence your kitchen renovation. Well, most of the experienced carpenters or cabinetmakers can manage the renovation project on your behalf. However, if you decide to manage it yourself, you need to cautiously plan and coordinate with skilled professionals/ tradespeople that you’ll need at the opportune time. It will enable your tradespeople to access the spaces they need without requiring to work on top of each other.

Final Words

Kitchen cabinets, drawers and cupboards make up for a large section in any kitchen renovation project. The kitchen cabinetry determines how much space you will have to store all your food preparation and cooking essentials and how easily you can find them when needed. Thus, the recipe to achieve a highly-functional, accessible and visually pleasing kitchen renovation project is to include generous storage combined with decent space to prepare and serve food, as well as, carry out washing chores.

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