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How to Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams

No matter if you’ve been dreaming about your wedding day for years or just now starting to realize that it’s really happening and you’re getting married, you’ll be starting your wedding planning from scratch. Many brides get overwhelmed with all the things they have to do in a short time of about 12 months (it is short when you consider all the tasks you have to handle). So where do you start? 

Start with a date

To steer your planning in the right direction, start with a date. In big cities like London, Paris or Brisbane, good venues, caterers and DJs are usually super busy, so having a date will allow you to prioritize, take care of things that are high on your list, stay on schedule and avoid panicking. 

Set a budget

One of the wedding planning things that bring the most stress is money. Weddings are notoriously expensive, so before you do any major bookings, make sure to set a budget. Expect that most of your money will be spent on venue and catering, next come photography and entertainment, and then attires and other smaller things. 

Choose your color palette

Your color palette will set other important decisions in motion, like invites, flowers, bridesmaids’ gowns, venue decoration, etc. Summer and spring weddings usually opt for muted pastels like Caribbean Blue or Pale Pistachio Green. Fall and winter weddings are more suitable for deep tones like dark green or dahlia red/slate gray combo. The classic tones like taupe, cream and mushroom always look spectacular though. If you can’t envision a color, hit your local hardware store and look at paint swatches for inspiration. 

Pick a venue

If you know what you want from your venue, make sure to book it as soon as you can because good ones get scooped up even two years in advance! If you don’t have any venue ideas yet, pick something that reflects who you and your future spouse are. From ballrooms to beachside and vineyard venues, let your environment paints a story of your personal style. 

Find the gown

Finding that one special gown and fitting it to match you perfectly takes time and money, so make sure to get this important element handled as soon as you can, be it from an online store like Avery Austin or around the block. One thing that’s very trendy today is dramatically low back dresses with gorgeous long, back-hanging jewelry—it’s breathtaking and very elegant! 

Consider transportation

Arriving at your venue in style will make you and your fiancé feel like royalty, so make sure to book a beautiful car as your ride. You can find lux rides wherever you are, but couples from Australia have the most options out there. If you opt for limo hire in Brisbane and choose their stretch Chrysler limo, you can seat your entire bridal party. You will not only arrive in style but also travel surrounded by comfort and get a chance to have a relaxing chat with your husband and closest friend. 

Plan your dream cake

Don’t mess with your wedding cake—it’s a classic that everyone is looking forward to seeing and tasting. Your cake should not only serve as a dessert but as a piece of art, so find a baker that has experience with a variety of wedding cake styles and flavors. Sample a few different kinds, just for research of course, and collaborate with your baker to create something you and your fiancé love. 

Book a photographer

Your special day needs to be commemorated professionally, so find someone you can comfortably shoot your wedding in a style that you like. Major wedding photography trends in Australia and the States are less formal, more fun, journalistic and focused on details. Make sure to ask for those interesting shots of natural expressions and pure emotion. If you’re planning a fun and quirky wedding, you can also rent a photo booth and various props so your guests can capture their own photo memories from your big day. 

Hire entertainment

Music is a must at weddings, and no matter if you opt for a band, DJ or both, they will set the tone for your entire wedding. Get someone with experience so they can coordinate your entrance, first dance, dance party and other events perfectly. 

If you have some extra money to spend, you can hire a wedding planner to handle most of your technicalities, but if you’re working on a budget, these aforementioned tips will ensure your wedding goes smoothly and beautifully.

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