How to plan your new kitchen

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No home is complete without a kitchen in it. Are you planning to move to a new house or are remodeling your home? You need to plan your kitchen from scratch to make it go inline with the overall theme of your house. But, planning a kitchen should be done with utmost consideration as you are spending money and time. Therefore, doesn’t matter if you are a DIY geek or want to hire the services of an architect, you need to be assured that your time and money are spent in the right direction. Here we are sharing expert ideas and techniques to plan your kitchen like a pro.

Measure your space:

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The first and foremost important tip for anyone before planning a kitchen is to take into account the available space. It is the most important component in the planning of the kitchen or any other space in your home. While measuring your space also consider your needs. Do you need a large kitchen or can work with a mid-sized one? Once you have measured your space then you can work out on other things like choosing a layout for your kitchen and choosing the needed kitchen appliances like a refrigerator for home, washing machines, cooking range, and others.

Choosing a layout:

The layout is the most important factor for any kitchen. While designing it is mandatory that you choose one layout and then stick to it all time during designing, construction, maintenance and then when choosing the appliances. There are basically 4 types of kitchen layouts that you can adapt to your kitchen.

  • L-Shaped Layout.
  • Straight line kitchen layout
  • U-shaped kitchen
  • Galley Kitchen

L-Shaped Kitchen:

The l-shaped layout is the most common kitchen layout all over the world. It is spacious, enables easy workflow and also helps in getting every kind of kitchen appliances.

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Straight Line layout:

The best option for home designers when they are limited on space while designing kitchen is straight line kitchen. It greatly helps in the regular workflow in the kitchen for women.


If you need a lot of space handling your household and utensils, U-Shaped kitchen should be your top priority. This triangle-shaped kitchen greatly helps in workflow optimization and offers a lot of space too.

Galley Kitchen:

Another trendy kitchen layout that is common in the west is the galley kitchen. It helps in handling workflow and utilizing space.

Will it help in the workflow:

The most important consideration you need to take before choosing any layout is that you need to think about your workload and decide, does it help in your workflow. For example, if you have a bulk of kitchen appliances, galley kitchen might not be a good option for you. Therefore, whenever choosing the right kind of kitchen, keep your personalized workflow in the decision making as well.

Plan kitchen accessories wisely:


Kitchen accessories and appliances too play an important role in designing and workflow of your kitchen. For instance, you need only to get those accessories that are dire need of yours. But, also you should not limit yourself and waste your space. You can just finalize the appliances and then go online shopping for kitchen appliances and get free cash on delivery on