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How to Play Blackjack for Beginners

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Just like some things are timeless, the quintessential game of Blackjack continues to be a favourite among casino lovers. Be it the land casino or the online gambling sites like the one at Kubet, you are sure to find a Blackjack table at a casino. If you are new to Blackjack but not sure how to start, we have you covered here.

The game

Let’s begin by saying that the rules of Blackjack are simple and they truly are. All you need is to get a hand with a score as close to 21. You cannot go over that score as that’ll put you out of the game.

Blackjack can be played between the dealer and one player or between the dealer and multiple players. In case of an automated Blackjack game, you will be playing against the computer.

Dealing the cards

Once the dealer deals the cards to the player, you will have to analyse your hand value and try to stay as close to 21 without going bust. You can Hit, Stand, Split or Double down depending on your hand.

As you advance in your game, you can get a better hang of advanced betting options like Insurance, Surrendering, Soft 17 or even taking even money to enhance your game.

At Kubet, we seek to guide our Blackjack lovers on how to play the game so that they can experience the best of gaming on any of their choicest Blackjack variant hassle-free.

Where do I play Blackjack?

Is that your next question? Don’t worry, you can easily find not one but engaging variants of the game across a plethora of online casino sites. To play, you can simply register with the choicest site, make a deposit and start playing your favourite Blackjack game instantly.

Most top-rated sites have a dedicated Blackjack lobby in their games catalogue. You can navigate to the category, select your game and start playing. Not just online Blackjack designed with RNG, you can also find an array of live dealer Blackjack games hosted by real dealers via HD video streaming.

Can I win real money on Blackjack games?

Yes, you can win real money on your favourite Blackjack games. All you need to do is simply find a Blackjack game playable with money at a legit, safe and secure casino. Using a reliable payment option you can simply place your desired bet and begin playing.

Most popular casinos provide a choice of currency and several banking options for players to easily make a deposit.

If you get a Blackjack and win the game, your real money game will fetch you a cash win. You can look for offers and promotions on your Blackjack variant to make the most out of your bets. Blackjack is known to have the least house-edge among other table games and with the right strategy in place and enhanced odds of winning, you can expect scrumptious real money win.

Are you a new Blackjack player?

As a beginner, once you know the rules of the game, playing Blackjack can appear as easy as pie. However, some Blackjack experts believe that the game gets better with practice. This means you can enhance your play as you play more. And a good way to do that would be to try out the trial games at the online casinos.

Most top-rated sites offer free-to-play Blackjack games. You can pick your favourite variant to play or free. This will enable you to get familiarized with the game without risking any money from your pocket.

At some sites, you can also claim a Welcome Bonus offer or No-deposit offers on Blackjack games. With this, you will not have to make a deposit to play your first game. However, always read the terms and conditions before accepting any bonus or promotional offer.  

Some useful tips

-         Manage your bankroll

When betting on a Blackjack game, make sure that you have a budget set aside for your gaming session at the chosen casino. Stick to it before you revisit the table.

Avoid betting more than half your stack on one bet. You may want to roll high on single bets, but reckless play, especially for a newbie may turn demotivating if you happen to lose half your bankroll simply disappear at one go.

Also, time yourself as gambling can be very addictive. You can use the deposit limits and the stop loss tools that most reputable casinos enable on their websites to ensure responsible gambling.

-         Learn a basic Blackjack strategy

To play Blackjack like a pro you might just need to keep a few strategies handy. As a beginner, that may not be an easy thing to do. Methods like card counting are quite popular among the Blackjack experts but then at online casinos, this too may not be applicable owing to the frequent shuffling of the cards. A basic strategy, however, can increase your odds of winning when used correctly.

-         Keep patience

Yes, not every day is the same at the casino and on some days you might just feel that the cards aren’t with you. Instead of giving up your strategy and turning to newer ones right away, consider pausing and observing. Many times, the same strategy can pay off in the long run by getting you the best winning opportunities.

At Kubet app, we assist our Blackjack fans to access the appropriate information on the game. With all basic details, comprehensive rules and tips you can enjoy fulfilling Blackjack sessions even as a beginner. Most variants of the game follow the basic rule although some formats may have special features to be covered.

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