How to Play Cash Rummy Games


In the present day scenario, there is a gargantuan number of paid tournaments being played every day. A vast multitude of games is hosting these tournaments, ranging from FPS games to card games. Indian Rummy is one such card game that is extremely popular in Indian households and has recently gained traction online courtesy to its paid tournaments. Indian Rummy has attracted players from different corners who are as experienced and tactical as they come, and that makes it difficult to compete. The game is legalized in India and is currently recognized as a game that requires skill and strategies to win.

All this sounds incredible and fun, but to win money, you must grasp the concepts of the game and master every technique to efficiently execute it in the game to acquire the winning edge. Losing when there is cash involved can be frustrating and online Indian Rummy is essentially for entertainment purposes. So, striking the correct balance is imperative. Before you delve into the process of earning money in the Indian Rummy tournaments, you must familiarize yourself with the rules of the game and some common mistakes to avoid to maximize your chances of winning.

Rules of Indian Rummy

       You need 2 decks to play Indian Rummy online. A single deck is used with a printed Joker in the case of two players, and 2 decks are used for more than 2 players, including two printed Jokers.

       Indian Rummy Toss – The two decks are shuffled without bias and laid out on the table. Every player is supposed to pick a card. The player who picks the card with the highest value (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, etc in descending order) has the first move, and the player who picks the lowest value card distributes 13 cards to every player. After the toss, the players are seated in the order they picked the card, and after dealing 13 cards to every player, the rest of the cards become the open deck. Two cards are drawn; one becomes the open card, and the other becomes a Joker card.

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       The objective of the game is to create valid sequences and sets out of the 13 cards dealt with every player. Whoever does this first wins. Except for the winner, the value of every deadwood card of the other players is summed and the ranking takes place in ascending order; the player with the lowest value places 2nd and so on, and so forth.

       Every player is required to form the following with his or her cards: A pure sequence of the same suit (without the joker) such as Ace, King, Queen, and Jack. The second would be a sequence of the same suit (it may or may not contain the Joker) with at least 3 cards. Lastly, two sets of any suit but the same value (Queen, Queen, and Queen). The first player to meet these requirements wins the game and the cash prize.

Getting Started on Online Platforms to Win Money in Indian Rummy

Following are the steps to get started playing online Indian Rummy cash games:

Step-1 – You can choose one or multiple online platforms that conduct Indian Rummy games and register yourself on their website. For that, you have to create an account with the following details:

       Desired Username

       Desired Password

       Personal Email ID

Step 2 – After completing the registration process, you will be able to access the rummy lobby on the particular website which will allow you to play practice games as well as paid games. Perhaps you might be a seasoned rummy player, in that case, you can also move on to play cash games directly. The different variants of rummy that is available to pick from:

       Deals Rummy – Players have certain numbers of deals on which they play and conclude the game based on points.

       201 Pool Rummy (maximum points are 201. Anyone who reaches 201 points would be eliminated from the table)

       101 Pool Rummy (maximum points are 101. Anyone who reaches 101 points would be eliminated from the table)

       Points Rummy – A single player wins all the cash at the termination of the game. This is the quickest game of rummy with only a single deal, and points have a rupee-value that has already been determined before the game.

Step 3 – Once you are confident with the cash rummy and aim at winning some money, you can start your journey as a cash player. To get started, just ‘Add Cash’ to your account with whatever payment method you prefer. The different payment methods are using the credit card, debit card, e-wallets, UPI, Net Banking. The minimum amount for a transaction is Rs.
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25/-. After adding cash to your account, you can choose a paid game from the lobby and get started. The money you earn after winning a game is directly added to your account and can be withdrawn at any time.


Out of a sea of games that allow you to earn money, Indian Rummy is widely popular. It has gained traction in recent years and individuals can practice their skills and eventually apply them in paid games and tournaments to earn some cash. It is extremely easy to register on a particular website and conduct a transaction to your account. Winning requires practice and a thorough knowledge of techniques and rules of the game and mastering that will help you progress tremendously in the game and the community.