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How to Power Up your Custom Soap Boxes?

The best thing about unboxing is it makes a good experience even better. A lot of us love to unwrap the products to see what we have ordered in real life. And if the package encases something we aren’t expecting, like a hand-written thank you note, some stickers, ribbons, discount coupons, or a sample to add a personal touch, it’s nothing less than a delight. 

Here are some really cool custom soap boxes ideas that manufacturers and retailers can make use of to boost their sales. 

Enhance Unpacking Experience 

A study by dotcomdist.com divulged that four out of 10 buyers would share the picture of a product if it came in an innovative, branded, or gift-like packaging. Meaning, if your custom soap boxes are carved out of cardboard material and feature brand colors, ribbon, or string ties together with an embossed logo, you are quite likely to gain traction. 

However, if you have a limited budget to play with, branded stickers are a relatively inexpensive solution to convert your dull and boring plain packaging into something more exciting. The Legacy Printing's experts are of the view that small details like these are often overlooked by the producers, but in actuality they keep a brand together which greatly contributes to the brand experience.     

Similarly, using a secondary packaging solution instead of the regular bubble wrap can keep your product intact and make it more appealing. For instance, you could add colorful padded bags, or a delicate tissue in your brand colors to cushion your products and make them more attractive. 

Add a Melodramatic Touch 

When you put yourself in your customer’s place, it will become easier to imagine the unboxing experience. Now consider how your favorite YouTuber will unbox your custom soap box in their latest video. What’s the first thing he or she will get to see upon opening the box? A surprise add-on or gift? A postcard with your brand logo? How about using a delicate tissue to wrap your soap that says, “treats your skin gently or hope you love it”?

Give them Something Extra to Talk About

The element of surprise always makes an experience unforgettable. Things like samples and gifts can win you customers for life because the beauty lies in the surprise value. Even a mini product or a small sachet can turn out to be an unexpected bonus for your customers. However, if you add a thoughtful gift that’s completely unrelated to your product, such as cologne, or a pack of chocolates it can also work wonders for your brand.   

Use Custom Soap Boxes to Add a Personal Touch 

One of the best things about using custom soap boxes is it gives small, medium businesses the opportunity to compete with established brands. If done right, the personalized touch will help elate the customer experience and lead to more sales.   

Unlike popular brands, your custom soap packaging will enable you to make a real connection with customers. Because bespoke packaging will make them feel special and sway them to purchase again from you because it makes them think you truly value customers.   

Create a Lasting Relationship with Customers 

An ecstatic and delightful unboxing experience allows you to introduce the customers with other products of the brand, or remind of them of other interesting items they have spotted on your store or website. An enticing way to lure them is by handing them a flyer or catalog with the purchase of your star soap. This will encourage them to return to you for more purchases. 

However, if your packaging includes a special discount card on the next order, it will serve as a perfect recipe to begin a long and beautiful relationship Complex Time.

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