How To Prep Your Closet Now for Cold Weather


Switching between seasons means a changing of the weather, a shift in activities and a transition of your closet. As this change sets in and the weather cools down, this is the perfect time to give your closet some love. Take some time to assess, organize and tidy. While it will require some planning, preparation and work which may be the last thing that you were hoping to have to do, it will prove to be well worth it when you are perfectly prepared for the season to come. If you want to prepare for cold weather and be ready for a winter wonderland, here are a few tips to help you prepare your closet.


Pull Out the Warm Layers


Transitioning from one season to the next is not always easy. The weather can shift and change without a lot of warning; however, preparing your wardrobe with plenty of versatile layers and mens irish sweaters can help you be ready for any temperature or weather patterns that you may experience. While you may not need your insulated coat, layering clothing will give you the versatility and flexibility to easily transition from one season to the next.


Give it a Thorough Wash


Even if you took great care to pack away your winter clothing last year, it still needs a good wash. Wake up the fabrics and breathe some life into them with a thorough wash. Don’t let musty smells or stuffy conditions weigh down your fashionable cold-weather style when all you need to do is wash away the staleness of storage.


Get Rid of Useless Items


The change of the seasons is the ideal time to rid yourself of any clothing items that you no longer use or need. Whether you have outgrown it, it no longer suits your style or you no longer need it, refreshing your closet gives you the perfect time to rid yourself of useless clothing items. Consider donating pieces that are still in good shape to your local donation centers and replacing any items that are essentials for your daily life. If you have not worn it in the past year and did not wear it last season, this is a sign that you should likely get rid of it.


Pack Away Summer Clothing


As you pack up your summer ensembles, it is important to pay attention to how they are packed. Laundering your clothes, rolling them and avoiding trapping moisture can help ensure that your items are best situated for long-term storage. Not only can you avoid unpleasant odors when you pull them out of storage next season, but you can also help ensure that they avoid damage while being packed away.


Stock up on Winter Gear


While you may be focused on refreshing your clothing, you also need the right winter gear if you want to have an enjoyable season. Invest in high-quality winter boots and cold-weather accessories to ensure that you are ready for anything. Instead of having to replace your gear every season, invest in high-quality options that can be stored from season to season and see you through many years to come.


Get Organized


If you don’t swap out your clothes between seasons, you are missing out. Packing away seasonal clothing presents new opportunities and aesthetically appealing possibilities. The reality is that getting organized can give you a more spacious feel in your home, give your clothes more breathing room and help you live a more efficient and satisfying life. Invest in an organizational system, get rid of unnecessary items and then stow away your clothing and belongings carefully. Not only can this give you a more beautiful home, but it can also help you live more efficiently.


If you want to start the winter season on a positive note, you need to take this opportunity to reorganize your clothing. Swap out your summer stuff for your winter wardrobe and give everything a place. Let your winter start more organized, brighter and better with these closet refresh tips and you’ll look forward to the change of the seasons every year.