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How to prepare class 6 science worksheets at home

As a child grows up, so does the level of studies. The 6th class is an important class in a student’s life. The level of studies tends to start increasing from this class onwards and so it is highly recommended to help students ease their workload. At these times worksheets are the best thing to help your child take interest in studies and understand it too. Worksheets are good tools to help the child do he and her work on time. It is also helpful in organising and managing all the questions in one place.

After deciding to make a good science worksheet for the 6th grader, the next step is to think about how to make worksheets at home. Since worksheets are useful and can help students with homework, assignments and conceptual clarity it is best to prepare worksheets most simply. The worksheet should contain all important questions and topics with enough space for writing answers. Since a worksheet is something that you will make for every subject or every topic, preparing it should be an easy and less time-consuming task.

If you are in search of some good tips to keep in mind while preparing for worksheets, read them down below.

  • Start with simple questions

It is important to encourage students to attempt the worksheets and for that reason, it is a must to start preparing the worksheet judicially. The difficulty level should not start from the very first question itself. Instead, the difficulty level should only go in increasing order with the questions. It is also important to also include questions that help strengthen the basics of the child. So carefully choose the questions that you want to take part in the worksheet for your child or student.

  • Good layout

Since a worksheet is a place where the child will be working on it is important to have a good layout. A good layout attracts the attention of the students. It should be properly spaced, written or typed with a consistent font. The questions should be numbered. Adding a bit of illustration relating to the question is also a good idea. Overall, making sure the layout of the worksheet is good and sober enough to work upon is the primary set in setting up the worksheet.

  • Try to search science worksheet with answers

On the internet you can search for various worksheets for science but make sure to only pick the ones that are credible and reliable CBSE Class 6 Science Worksheets with Answers will help you to either formulate your own worksheet or get the same one printed. Either way it will be helpful. You can practice the fivn set of questions and answers to better your grades in school. Also, these worksheets come in handy when you wish to do a revision or make short notes out of them. So, always try to have a good worksheet with the answers to make sure that you are heading in the right direction.

  • Tables, diagrams and illustrations

Science is incomplete without tables, diagrams, and illustrations. Whether you decide to go on making a science worksheet online or offline, it is important that your worksheet has enough space dedicated for tables and diagrams. You may want to put these either at the questions or leave them for creating in the solution for students to make. In the end the aim is that the worksheet should have all the important points and diagrams so that these worksheets can also be utilized for revision when the exams are around the corner.

  • Prefer referring NCERT for making worksheets

Worksheets are the best way to revise and learn. It is always better to refer to NCERT as it is the most important and reliable source. In class 6 developing clear concepts is the only aim and at this stage learning the authentic concepts should be only read and fed to the mind. Other reference books can be good overall but they may lack the simple way of explaining and may differ in syllabus a bit. NCERT accurately covers all the important topics and syllabus needed by the 6th grader to understand. A lot of concepts will also get repeated in the higher classes so make sure you only get the best books to study and make worksheets

  • Don't make worksheets too lengthy

Lengthy worksheets can be quite stressful and this will not encourage students to complete writing answers for worksheets. This is why it is important to make worksheets only justifiably lengthy. Thus the number of questions should be restricted and only those questions should be included which are important. You can also try to merge two or more questions into one so that it is easier and less time consuming to answer. Hence, whenever you try to make worksheets make sure to give the length and time to complete the worksheet a good consideration.

  • Relate some rewards with worksheet completion

Working and completing the Worksheet on time is not something very easy. To make studying and doing work motivating, try to put rewards for every task or work completed. This will not only make doing assignments fun but children will look forward to doing more assignments and worksheets helping to inculcate the habit of writing and delivering work on time. Overall, doing worksheets is an excellent habit to instil in 6th graders, just with some motivation and rewards a good study strategy can be created


If you were researching how to go about creating a good worksheet make sure to try these small tips and tricks. Overall the aim is to help you make worksheets that will not only help to complete work on time but also help students become better at the subject. Science is a very important subject and understanding it well will only prove productive for higher studies. The habit of doing worksheets is an added benefit. Just make sure to refer to a good and credible science worksheet with answers and in the end, you will have a good worksheet made.

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Syandita Malakar
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