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How to Prepare for Desert Safari?

You must have come across pictures of different people enjoying themselves in the desert on the internet or your social media feeds. You might think there is nothing to enjoy in a hot desert like desert safari. But you are wrong. Several cities and countries that are present in deserts have great charm. Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates is an example of such a city that is at a sandy place, but it’s a big tourist place. 

A tour to the capital city will be incomplete without a desert safari. Desert has a great charm in it that attracts tourists. It’s love to wander in the desert on vehicles with specialized drivers Bashing. dunes are endless desert scenarios that you could watch there. 

But before going on any tour you should have a brief knowledge about it. It will help you to prepare yourself according to the conditions of the visited place. Proper preparation is necessary to enjoy any tour. Could you imagine how worse your tour will be if you don’t have clothing according to the climate of the visited place? Prepare in the following way before going on a Abu Dhabi desert safari trip: 

  • Dressing

Clothing is an important factor to enjoy any tour. You must have suitable dresses for your journey through the desert. Your dressing for a desert safari depends upon the weather. If you are visiting in winter, keep in mind that the temperature of the desert will be lower than that of the city. So dressed accordingly. 

You must wear loose clothes and comfortable clothes, so they don’t irritate you during the journey. Shorts are perfect for men, and women could also wear loose short clothes as all the people with you have almost this kind of dressing. 

  • Shoes

During the desert safari, you should choose the appropriate shoes. Open shoes, sandals, or slippers are preferable to sneakers, joggers, or other close shoes. This is due to the reason that you might have to come out of the vehicle on several occasions during the tour. So sand particles might enter your closed shoes and could irritate you. 

  • Other Accessories

You should have accessories with you according to the tour conditions. For a desert safari, you must have a hat. A big hat made of some soft stuff will be appropriate. This will help you to save your face from the shining, desert sun.

The second must-have thing is sunglasses. These are necessary for a desert safari. Along with giving you a cool look, they prevent your eyes from the sand particles. They also prevent the direct exposure of your sensitive eyes to the hot, shining sun.

The most important thing for any tour is a camera. You must have a camera to capture the beautiful scenes during your journey to the desert. It will be amazing if you have a video camera with you. This will save all your memories. You could use the camera of your smartphone to capture memories. 

If you are willing to spend a night in the desert, then don’t bring extra supplies to you. Everything will be provided to you by the trip organizer.

  • Keeping Money

You must have money along with you in the form of cash or credit card. This will help you buy some snacks from the refreshment points. It will also be required to book your tour operator.

So these are the necessary things that you should have to enjoy the tour properly. Having said that, your desert safari experience is majorly going to depend on the offer you have selected. So, choose one of the best Abu Dhabi desert safari offers to have a memorable experience. 

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