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How to Prepare for Moving to A New House

Moving to a new house is both an exciting and stressful experience. On the one hand, moving to a new home is an opportunity to make a fresh start and make the place your own. On the other, packing up all your belongings, dealing with realtors, lawyers, and all the paperwork can be a nightmare. If you are about to move to a new house or are considering purchasing a new property and selling your current home, here are a few things to think about to help prepare you for a move.

Get Rid of Your Clutter

Over the months and years, it is easy to collect a whole lot of junk that you will never use. At the time of purchase, you may have insisted you would use whatever the item is all the time or that it would make cooking or DIY tasks that much easier. Instead, that electric drill or ice-cream machine has sat gathering dust after that one time you used it. Everyone is guilty of gathering clutter, but if you’re going to move house, there is no point in taking it all with you. Take the time to go through your things and decide what will be coming with you and what can either be given to charity or tossed in the trash.


As a homeowner,you must have home insurance. There are different covers you can have included in your policy, and this will all depend on the value of your belongings in your home, etc. You can get insurance for homeowners from Insurance Geek, or you can choose to use comparison websites to find a deal that is suitable for you. Make sure your insurance is in place on your new home before you move in so that you are covered from day one.

Selective Packing

Packing is a tedious task and can take a long time to accomplish, especially if you have a house full of stuff to box up. Instead of packing things at the last minute, think about what you are going to need in the days and weeks up until the movie. If you have specific items of clothes that you know you will not wear before you move to a new house, put them away neatly in a suitcase. Things like books, decorative items, and other non-essentials can be packed away first, reducing the panic in the last-minute rush in the week before your big move.
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Hire Storage Space

If you are moving to a smaller property, are going away traveling, or simply need a place to temporarily keep some of your things, then renting a storage unit could be useful. Trying to get things out of the house all at once can be a challenge; therefore, placing some of your belongings or those non-essential items in a temporary storage unit might make moving to a new house easier for you. If you need to keep your things there for a little longer, you could always extend your contract with the company you have rented the unit from.

Moving to a new house should always be more exciting and a happier occasion rather than one that causes you a lot of grief. To make your move easier, remember these suggestions and use them to make the experience a lot easier for yourself.

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