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How to prevent aging with the help of tea leaves Australia?


The cup should have a wide edge and be plain inside any pattern as there will be no contradiction with the interpretation of the leaves.Part of the ritual of reading tea leaves Australia is to enjoy tea while sitting in the company of fellow drinkers as it allows you to relax and gather your thoughts. Psychologists generally prefer not to use small commercially produced tea leaves, but opt ​​for larger varieties, such as jasmine or earl gray. The reader will be asked to make one tablespoon of tea in a hot pot or directly into a cup of tea. Some psychologists. We ask that people who read them shake dry leaves before spooning or spooning into a pot. Before reading the tarot cards it is considered like changing. Boiling water is poured over the tea as the person receiving the pot gets a pot or cup. Also, they should focus on the particular question they want to answer. The tea sieve is rotated and the tea is poured into the cup.

When the tea is cool enough to drink, the reading person should suck the liquid into focus while in question. The person reading this should leave about an inch of tea at the bottom of the cup. Then the cup should be rotated three times clockwise with the left hand so that the spine is in a suspended position. He then quickly flips the gloves over a small towel, which is placed over the saucer and left on the bottom and sides of the teal cup.

If you look at the leaves and let your imagination float, you can help interpret the images. Mentally note what you see; Start reading the cup clockwise, the handle representing the day of reading should be facing the reader. The remaining cup is divided into six months, with six months facing the straight handle. The leaves near the edge of the cup are more important than the bottom of the cup. Some psychologists state that the images towards the anticlock represent important, while the clockwise facing images indicate that the person requesting the reading is moving toward the event.

Exactly where the symbols appear can be interpreted, for example home, satisfaction and home can mean, or the symbolic means that being attached to an aunt can mean good news or invitation. Resistance to images creates uncertainty in a person's brain. Sometimes the top of the cup is considered lucky and the bottom is considered ominous, but you should use your intuition and common sense when it was

Ancient process of preventing age with tea leaves

One cut I want to do in the ancient bar is to cut the key, this is a lot of work.The next time you drink after drinking your cup of tea, you will lose the opportunity to understand your future. Tea leaves have been a tool of fortune since the 17th century. This art of prophecy is also famous by the names of Tasomensi or Tesography. The word is derived from the French word tass (cup), which in turn is derived from the Arabic tassa (cup). Tasography, otherwise known as Tasomensi or Tasology, is the art of reading the leaf of tea. "Tse" or "Tass" is of Arabic origin, meaning a small cup or goblet.


It is based mostly on mental intuition. The tea is added to the cup without the use of a strainer. He who seeks his fortune consumes tea, goes to the bottom. The denominations look at the base pattern and refer to some standard symbols when observing. Snakes (rivalries or lies), wrinkles (good luck by industry), mountains (travel or obstacles), homes (change, success) are common.

Another well-known technique is to leave some moisture in the cup. This allows the leaves to rust. Later, the cup is turned into a saucer. The reader lifts the cup and looks at the composition. Compositions can be in the form of geometry shapes, lines, numbers, etc. Straight lines indicate careful planning and peace of mind, while the shape of the cup shows love and harmony. Many other such forms help predict.

In order to make accurate predictions, one must follow the first impression of the composition in the cup, as the second estimate can represent your conscious.I have a deep understanding of astrology and want to share it for the welfare of the people. The key to stopping smoking is actually surprisingly simple and easy. We also firmly believe that the most powerful tool available to stop smoking is to use hypnotherapy to change your subconscious mind. Stop Smoking Now our gift to you is the main reason why people fail to stop smoking.

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