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How To Prevent Pests Entering Your Business This Autumn

How To Prevent Pests Entering Your Business This Autumn f485c539

If you are a business owner, you are probably all too familiar with the problems pests cause. Anything from structural damage to food poisoning, pest issues need to be avoided. This doesn’t only make sense in terms of hygiene. Your staff and customers’ health is at stake. And so is your business reputation. It only takes one client to spot an insect or mouse on your premises for the news to go viral. Not to mention the headache of health inspections and the possibility of being closed for business while the problem is dealt with. Lockdowns are bad enough for business. Add a pest infestation into the mix and that is stress no proprietor can afford.


Some business owners think they only need pest control measures in the Summer months. If only that were true! You may of already noticed that once the colder months come around, many pests disappear from sight and stop being such a nuisance. But the unfortunate fact is that they haven’t disappeared completely. Far from it. These pests are hiding away inside your property. Some of them are behind the scenes, breeding unnoticed.

This is why it’s critically important that you prevent these Autumn pests from entering in the first place. You see, once the Summer comes around they emerge from hibernation. Not only that, many of these pests lay eggs or breed. This means you’ll suddenly have to deal with dozens or even hundreds of pests. 

Reasons why pests love commercial buildings

Pests love to hibernate in London properties. According to Diamond Pest Control, most business properties provide pests with somewhere that is sheltered, dry, warm and comfortable. In order to stop this from happening, says founder Glen Stanford, you need to prevent Autumn pests from coming inside in the first place. We looked around the web and found are many ways to do this. Here are just a few:

1. Don’t give them a place to hide. 

You’ve heard of Spring cleaning, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t clean your commercial property in Autumn. With lockdown hitting London and the UK again this month, now would be an opportunity do do this. Basically, you want to remove anywhere that pests can hide away. This means you should clear the clutter out of every nook and cranny. Anywhere that is dark or hidden away should be cleared out and cleaned. Don’t leave places for pests to hide during the Winter. 

2. Clean up your business premises in general. 

When pests are looking for somewhere to spend the Winter, they are going to choose places  they can find food. This means you need to keep your property as clean as possible. Do not encourage them by leaving a mess. Cleaning your staff kitchen and floors is important. They should be kept spotless. Vacuum often and throw away rubbish whenever you can. Keep food in sealed containers and packed away in cupboards. Also remove water sources. Close taps tightly and dry up around sinks. Shut the lid of your toilets and do not leave glasses of water lying around. 

3. Place traps and bait. 

Even if you do not currently have pests it helps to place traps and bait. It’s a good idea to put humane pest traps in your warehouse. You can also spray the perimeter of your property with pest repellent. Also spray repellent in areas where pests may enter. This includes around doors and windows. This will go a long way towards helping you prevent Autumn pests. 

4. Seal up the perimeter of your building. 

Along with spraying repellent, you can prevent Autumn pests be sealing up gaps in your building. Make sure there are no cracks or places where pests can enter. Remember, pests can squeeze through the smallest entrance. Seal your property up tight and you will not have to deal with so many pests next Summer. 

Once you’ve done all this, you have gone a long way to preventing pests this Autumn. There will be less likelihood of pests getting in. And the ones that are already in will have less chance of surviving and multiplying. That said, you can’t always stop all of them on your own. There are occasions where they are too much for DIY measures. In these kind of cases, it is prudent to get a professional to give you advice. A lot of companies offer long term and ongoing support in the form of a contract. There is no shame in having regular pest maintenance. Many businesses do so, and are grateful for it. Thousands of pounds worth of stock can be protected. And in the end you are likely to save money.

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