How to promote your brand on social media

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Social media platforms offer great opportunities to join focused groups on particular industries and topics. If you can get groups lining with your area of expertise, you will have the ability to build authority and share authority around a particular brand. Industry groups are great but might be overcrowded with competitors. Think beyond the box and find other groups to find your audience.

Keep your image consistent

Across all social profiles, it is important to maintain certain uniformity with your brand. When individuals want to learn about you, they will look for you on several social outlets. Presenting yourself consistently helps in controlling the perception of your brand. You may end up damaging your reputation in your profile with images or content that does not represent you well.

Engage consistently

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Brand building through social media marketing requires so much effort and has to be treated like a job. Each day, you have to produce and share content. Adjust your frequency and content type based on the audience. Post on both the business and personal social profiles. Posting once per week on Twitter and once per month on Instagram will not help you accomplish anything. Focus on a few social networks and stay active on the in the place of posting sporadically on all of them.

Diversify content

You need to craft a strategy for your brand and this includes a deep content plan and editorial calendar for you not to type the same articles daily. Include videos, images, articles, and questions. The other benefit is that diversity prevents you from sharing your content over and over again. Even though your content is fantastic, followers will appreciate when you create and share authoritative content from different people.

Study marketing influencers

marketing influencers

Connecting and collaborating with an influencer on social media platforms is a great way of building your brand and making sure that you are seen, however, it takes time. It is important to develop a relationship with influencers before they decide to work with you. When you are starting, locate and engage automatically with influencers you would like to partner with by use of platforms like After finding top influencers in the niche of your choice, do an analysis of their network. Take a note of the content shared and the response they get from their followers. Try building your following by use of their strategy to get inspiration.

Invest as much as possible


In case you want to create a brand that is memorable, you have to give people the reason to keep remembering you. While you may have grown your brand considerably over the last few years, you still have to reach contacts and ask them what you can do for them. This is the best way of growing your brand. Personal connection makes your customers feel that you are caring about them and they mean more than revenue for you. You are not pitching or selling anything. You are asking legitimately if there is a thing you can do for them. Give them a portion of your time, advice, and other resources available to help them. When starting out, make a habit of contacting at least one person daily with a help offer.

Ask questions

When you want to spark engagement and increase your brand’s visibility, ask questions. Engagement will start slowly but it is good to be persistent. Keep eyes open for opportunities. One response may lead to a question from another and that could end up in a great conversation.

Get into discussions

Do not be afraid to include your input and make yourself seen in a discussion. This is true when you have value to add and unique insights. You will not have so much luck when building your brand when you remain an ambitious lurker. Responsiveness will keep you on the track to grow your connections network and personal brand.


Businesses and organizations set all kinds and types of alerts for social media marketing and product-related search phrases. The alerts help then when a person comes up with a post including branded terms like names. You need to do the same for both business and personal brand. Do not forget including alerts for keywords that involve your expertise area. Between your manual searches and alert systems on social media platforms, you will not miss out on the opportunities of joining or responding to discussions.

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