How to Promote your Business with Custom T-Shirts


If you want to succeed as a business, you need to perfect your marketing strategy. Not all businesses have unlimited budgets like large corporations. You must try and make the most of every single penny you spent on advertising. For small businesses with limited marketing budgets, it is important to focus on mediums that will have a long lasting impact.

And what’s more long lasting than a custom printed t shirt that your customer might wear for next few years? Many businesses make the mistake of thinking of custom t shirts as a branding item. All they do is print their logo and giveaway. The right thing is to think of an interesting message or print that is not too promotional. 

Business owners have to make sure that they find a company that produces the garments with high-quality prints. 

Benefits of Using T-Shirts for Advertising

There are numerous benefits of advertising Custom T-Shirts. After recognizing these benefits, business owners become able to make right decisions towards their products advertising.

  • Business owners can use their custom t-shirts to wear by their employees within the workplace for promoting their brand among their targeted customers. By dressing up all the workers with the same apparel will create a cohesive look to the business and provide an effective advertisement to the brand’s product.  
  • To attain the customers’ retention and loyalty, it is important for the company to offer such stuff of t-shirts to their customers that makes them feel special. Customers are more likely to remain loyal to a business when they are highly appreciated by providing them good quality product.
  • By advertising, custom t-shirts among customers will also benefit business owners over time. When t-shirts are gifted to customers, they will typically wear them and appreciated the stuff. 
  • To advertise, t-shirts can be used in an inexpensive way, as they are budget-friendly and can be easily fitted in any budget. It will become a cost-effective choice and customers can buy it in just a few dollars. 

How to get started

To promote custom t-shirts, a business owner can easily get started the process by simply visit the website. After that, business owners will become able to walk through the process of designing their custom t-shirts for special promotions or to broaden their business. Depending on their needs, business owners can upload their own logo or they can get help from the designer company to go through the new design process. When any well-known company uses its own logo for promoting its new product, it will become easy for the business to attract large number of customers.

Hold a Contest

When any business owner wants to change its logo or any new brand that is planning to come into the market, it should hold a t-shirt design contest. They should encourage their targeted customers to participate in the contest in order to promote their brand. For first few weeks of launching new custom t-shirts, business owners should offer concession on prices, which will ultimately increase the number of customers. Such contest will also provide a chance for business owners to get free publicity by engaging local media to cover the event. In order to aware the customers about the event, company should make an announcement on social media networking pages and company’s website. Such contest gives positive vibes to the company and increases the number of targeted customers. No one values something when they get it for free; so, give them a chance to earn it. Hence, organizing a contest is a good idea for attracting large number of people from different areas. There are numerous ways by which company can get benefits from the contest, such as,

  • Get free publicity
  • Generate leads and other data
  • Engage the target customers
  • Build the fan base

Now it depends on the company that how they engage their customers to compete for prizes in the contest. For instance, the company can ask their contestants to wear their t-shirts, using their products, or to post their photos while shopping their stores. Because every participant wants to have something good and high-quality stuff as a prize. So, company might offer its branded t-shirts or valuable product or service to the winners. A company should not compromise over stuff’s quality, because it will force the customers to stop purchasing their products. Then, company needs to build a brand by creating a bit of marketing campaign and utilize social media properly.