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How to Properly Clean Your Earbuds and Earphones

In today’s world, people especially the teenagers and people in their twenties can hardly spend a day without their earphones. No matter where you go, you will come across at least two to three people roaming around or sitting with their earphones. Earphones do not only serve for listening to songs but watching videos and for gaming as well. Gaming earphones are mostly in demand. Most of the times, people keep their earphones on in public to avoid any social contact or to avoid any awkward social conversation.

How to Properly Clean Your Earbuds and Earphones

However, with that excess usage of earphones they often tend to get dirty. Dirty earphones are gross to look at and often their volume gets affected as well. In addition to that, dirty earphones can also cause ear infections or other ear related health issues. It is extremely dangerous and unhygienic to keep using dirty earphones for long period of time. Following are some of the ways through which you can properly clean your earphones.

Tips to properly clean your earphones/ear buds

To properly clean your earphones you will first need a few things with you. Cotton swabs, a cleaning toothbrush, rubbing alcohol, and alcohol wipes are the few things you will be needing.

After gathering the required stuff, start brushing off the wax gently from the ear buds. Make sure the brush is dry. The most important thing to keep in mind for this procedure is that you’re holding the ear buds with the mesh facing downwards. This way the dirt will fall out instead of going back inside in the ear bud. This will clean most of the ear buds, however, if there is still dirt left then soak a cotton swab in alcohol and gently clean it off from the ear bud.

Rubbing alcohol dries up quickly hence, it is the perfect product to use for cleaning the earphones. If you are using any cleaning soap or perfume/deodorant, then you might as well completely damage your earphones. The cleaning liquids can soak into the ear bud destroying the inner wires causing the earphones to lose their volume etc.

Another thing to keep in mind is the quality of the bristles of the toothbrush. It must be Nylon only as any other product can easily break off ruining the earphones completely. Cleaning the earphones is a simple task and anyone can do that easily at home.

Earphones hacks

Earphones are very sensitive and light. One has to be extra careful around them. Following are some of the hacks to prolong the durability of your earphones.

  • Get yourself the right pair of earphones. There are several different types of earphones in the market. However, everyone has different comfort zone and earphones must be comfortable enough to have a relaxing time while listening to songs or watching videos instead of getting irritated and disturbed. Therefore, it is necessary to know your choice and get a pair according to it.
  • Since, our ears have wax; therefore earphones easily get dirty as discussed previously. If you want them to work for a longer period of time, clean them occasionally. It is not only better in terms of your hygiene but it also improves the hearing frequency from the earphones.
  • A tangle pair of earphones is always a headache. It is at times dangerous as well to untangle the wires as they are very thin wires and can easily break off. For this problem, you can run your earphones wire through paracord to keep them untangled and make them last longer. It is a much needed trick for people who travel often.
  • If you are a gym freak, you will need a more gym-friendly set of earphones. However, the Bluetooth earphones are not always affordable. No need to worry! You can make your regular earphones gym-friendly by adding over-ear wraps on them through DIY techniques. This way they will not fall out of your ears when you are running or bouncing.
  • Putting the earphones in your ears the right way is extremely important to increase their working and quality. Make sure you are putting the left earphone in your left ear and the right one your right ear. Small L and R always written on every pair of earphones and all you have to do are to find those two letters out. Once you know, which one has to go in which ear now make sure to wear them in the right angle. The right angle improves the quality of voice delivered through the earphones into your ears.
  • Wrap them up neatly and nicely. One major reason for the earphones to get tangled is that we don’t put enough thought and time in wrapping them up. If we wrap them up nicely making sure that they are not going in our pockets tangled, then we are god to go. Learn to wrap up the earphones without tangling them. As it is extremely important to increase the working of your earphones.

Above mentioned tip and tricks are just some of the keys to have a long-lasting pair of earphones. The more delicately you use a certain thing, the longer they can be of your use. As for the earphones, they demand extra care because of their delicacy. If you are someone who cannot live without the pair of earphones then you must follow all the tricks mentioned above and have a better experience with your current pair of earphones.



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