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How to Properly Train Your HR Staff

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The human resources function has evolved over time and it has moved beyond only focusing on hiring and management of the payroll to include engaging the employees and developing a conducive working environment. Considering the key role of the HR team in your business, you have to properly equip the team to ensure that it efficiently undertakes its responsibilities. Your HR staff should be properly trained for effective functioning. The professionals of the HR boost the confidence of the other workers through competence. These are part of the benefits of HR certification.

Here are some of the steps you can take to properly train and equip your HR staff:

Select a relevant topic

There are various facets of human resources, from hiring and benefits to conflict resolution, which you probably want to train your HR team on depending on your business type, available time and urgency. You should select that is most relevant to your company and mostly reflects the current issues affecting the company. The topic should align with the company’s goals. You may want to carry out a survey and evaluate your HR team before settling on a certain topic. A relevant topic will ensure that you objectively train the staff to properly handle the other employees and help drive your small business.

Select the most effective delivery method

When planning for your HR training, evaluate different training formats to determine the best one to deliver the training. Whether you decide to take your HR staff to a 5-day seminar or enroll them in online training lessons, you should choose the most effective delivery method that suits your business’s needs. More importantly, the format should allow you to follow up with the training effectiveness and progress.

Give it time

Allocate enough time for the training of the staff. You should not flood your staff with too much information over a short period of time. An effective training program focuses on quality instead of the quantity of information delivered. It may take time for you to see the results of the training at the workplace. Sometimes, the employee may be hesitant or even resist to embrace a new skill. So, you should give time to employees to adjust and put into practice the new skills before conducting an assessment based on new skills.

Take it back to the workplace

The newly trained staff may experience an initial decrease in performance as they adjust to the new skills, so do not leave them high and dry in that situation. Instead, help them adjust suitably. You should have follow-up training or coaching available at the workplace to support the staff during the transition period. You can accomplish this by training one of the executive employees to act as a coach to others.

Conduct a post-course evaluation

You should carry out a post-training evaluation to determine whether your training was effective or not. Usually, this is done at least 3 months after the conclusion of the training, giving time to the staff to adjust and implement their newly acquired skills. The assessment should measure the effectiveness of the HR department based on new skills. You should consider bringing in a professional or having the HR team as well as other employees to complete surveys.

Have a regular training cycle

The HR field is often changing so is your business. The HR staff should from time to time be trained to align them with the company's needs and to keep them well-equipped to carry out their functions. Consider having regular training sessions in your company to keep the effectiveness of the HR department in your business.

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