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How To Protect and Profit From Your Designs


Everyone has had an idea for something new at some point in their lives. Whether it is something small that would help them in their daily lives, or something major that would improve all of mankind, the chances are the idea came to someone and then left just as quickly. Unfortunately, while many people have ideas for a product or design that could improve not only their own lives but also improve many others, they do not act on these ideas due to various reasons such as not believing the idea is good enough or not fully understanding the process for making the idea a reality. The end result of this inaction is that the idea is lost, only to be discovered by someone else at some other time. However, for a few brave souls, their ideas for new products, designs or processes are put into action and eventually become a reality.

The rewards to seeing a good idea through to the point where it is a real, tangible thing can be significant. Not only can this result in the creation of something new, but it can also result in significant financial benefits for the person who thought of the idea. These financial benefits may come in the form of creating the item they thought of, marketing it and eventually selling it to people who wish to buy it or it can come in the form of selling the patent of the thing they created. In fact, many times selling a patent can be extremely beneficial and may even create more financial benefits than producing and selling the item itself. However, before selling a patent, the inventor has to obtain a patent. 

Obtaining a Patent

While obtaining a patent may sound like a difficult and complicated process, it does not need to be nearly as difficult as many people believe it to be. It can even be a rather easy process if the right steps are followed and if the person looking to obtain a patent uses the right resources, such as a good patent search software. Getting a patent for a design is a major step in protecting, and potentially profiting from something that started out as an idea.

After Filing for a Patent

The time period after filing for a patent can be filled with anxious nights, hoping the application will get approved. During this process it is important to stay in communication with the people who are helping file the patent, as well as staying current on similar products that may have patent applications being filed. Additionally, while it may be tempting to not work to improve the design or function of the item that is being patented, it is important to remember that if something does not get improved upon by the original creator, it will likely be improved upon by a competitor. By constantly working on and improving the original invention, an inventor can help mitigate the risk that someone else will begin to make a similar product and steal market share away from the original. 

While starting something new is always difficult, it can also be extremely rewarding. By protecting a new idea with a patent, an inventor can significantly improve their chances of reaching that reward. 

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