How to Protect Your Business Against Cyber Attacks?


The cybersecurity threat is real, and the majority of affected businesses belong to small and medium-sized categories. In times when “data is the new oil of the digital economy”, foolproof data protection is more than just a choice! It is a necessity without which you and your business stand vulnerable and exposed. And the financial loss can be detrimental for a small business entity.

Can you protect your business from cyberattacks all the time? Do you have the in-house IT team that is on call 24-7? Can you instead hire expert cybersecurity providers for foolproof data security? In this article, we share measures to help a budding business grow and prosper without the constant and real-time threat of ever-increasing cyber-attacks.

Perform prompt data backups:

Digital data is mammoth in size! Regular backups ensure data safety.  A backup comes in quite handy in case of a cyber incident, system failure, or a technical glitch. Backing up the valuable data assures no loss of time, and hence no loss of money in case of an emergency. You can backup your data in several ways - daily incremental backups, end-of-the-week server backup, and so on. Depending upon your business plan and budget, you can either store data on a portable external drive, a USB device, or on cloud storage.

Secure your wireless access points and networks:

Regular software updates are more relevant now than ever before! In tiring times of the Covid-19, and an increase in the rate of cybercrimes, it is pertinent to secure your wireless access points and networks all the time. Ensure that your operating system and security software is up to date. Cyber attacks keep on evolving, but so do software updates! When you are up-to-date, the chances of a breach or security flaw are minimal. Set up a firewall to completely seal your device’s internal network security. A firewall is like a watchman for any ongoing and outgoing data and traffic. The idea is to create a security-focused work culture where your systems are protected all the time. Just imagine the kind of disaster that can happen if an unprotected client or freelance accesses your organization's network, and inadvertently falls prey to the mounting cyber attacks. The creation of a robust data use policy goes a long way in ensuring a secure workplace.

Make sure that all your data is encrypted:

So, what is data encryption? Encryption basically converts information or data into a secret code to prevent unauthorized access. Encrypted data avoids the risk of data breach and theft. Ransomware attacks like Ryuk, Teslacrypt, and WannaCry are quite advanced and sophisticated and lead to huge data breaches and financial losses all over the world. Data encryption is the first step a company needs to take to ensure the safety and security of its data and privacy. Remember, when you are not fully protected, even your client’s or customer’s safety is at risk, and that can cause irreversible damage to your brand in the long run. 

Employee training to prevent cyber attacks:

Governments worldwide are feeling the heat of cybercrime. Even the government's websites are hacked and confidential data is exposed by ransom criminals. Small and medium businesses can get on the cybersecurity bandwagon by giving in-house training to the employees. It is absolutely essential to educate and train the team on modern cybersecurity practices, and common phishing scams. Certain key steps like the use of multi-factor authentication or MFA, turning on spam folders, identification of cyber threats, use of passphrases rather than passwords on devices, restricting access to company’s sensitive data and information, etc. can help your company to secure itself and its employees from the data breach.

Hire Managed IT service providers to do a foolproof job!

Technology is evolving in a way that is confounding and exciting at the time! An in-house IT team won’t be able to handle expert-level cybersecurity issues. Your managed IT service team can handle all kinds of emergencies - power failure, data breach, and other issues. For a small or medium business, it is like having a team of experts at your call all the time!

The idea is not just to enjoy, grow, and prosper in the digital wave! The idea is to create a digitally safe Australia where an individual’s and organization’s data and privacy are respected and not held at ransom. Governments are agencies that are working tirelessly to change regulations and secure confidential data of their people and businesses. The rate at which cybercrime is evolving makes it tough for governments to handle the issue. Individuals and organizations must do their bit to secure their data and privacy and partner with top-notch cybersecurity services for complete protection against cybercriminals.