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How to Protect Your Business Against Defamation?

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Sometimes it takes more than decades to build the reputation of a business, but it can be lost in minutes only with some defamatory comments. Moreover, the internet and smartphones fuel negative reviews, and it can be a problematic and serious concern for businesses. 

However, quick and appropriate legal actions can help to counteract and protect the reputations of businesses and corporations. Now let us understand what exactly defamation means and how you can protect your business against such blames.

What is Defamation?

Defamation is the spreading of false and negative statements against a business intentionally. If someone publishes something about a business, it will be called as defamatory if the statement tends to lower the reputation of the person, organization, or business. 

If someone does something to your products or services of your business, it may damage your business reputations as well as you may have to bear a heavy loss. In such situations, you may need a legal professional to counteract the statement in the court.

If you want to contact a legal advisor for such cases, you can contact a defamation lawyer NYC, who can help you how to deal with the case. Now let us understand what the necessary steps you can take to protect your business against defamation are.

How to Deal with Defamatory Statement Against Your Business

The best approach is to consult a defamation lawyer who can help you protect your reputation by taking proper legal actions. However, here is what you need to know about the processes. 

  1. Prove the “Serious Harm” Requirement
  2. Show that The Defamatory Statement Has Published
  3. Claim Within the Limited Time Period
  4. Consult a Defamation Lawyer 

You can take these steps to protect your business against defamation. Let’s take a closer look at every steps. 

Prove the “Serious Harm” Requirement

First of all, you have to show that the defamatory statement caused a serious harm to your business. Or you can also show that the statement is likely to cause serious damage to your organization. 

You need to prove that your businesses have serious damage (financial loss) due to the defamatory statement. Once you prove it, the court will take the necessary legal actions against the offender. 

Show That the Defamatory Statement Has Published 

When you bring the claim to the court, you need to show that the defamatory statement has published. You need to show that the publication is done on a third party and prove that the offender is responsible for that. 

The publication will be considered if it is published in books, newspapers, or in popular websites. 

Claim Within the Time Period 

Next you have to claim within a certain time period when the defamation statement was published. Time plays an important role for defamation claim. If you fail to do so your claim will not be accepted. According to the Defamation Act 2013, the claim must be brought within one year of publication of the defamatory statement. 

Consult a Defamation Lawyer 

You need to consult a defamation lawyer who can help you take the disciplinary actions to deal with such cases. The lawyer will help you to collect the evidence and keep the copy of the defamatory statements. He/she will also help you to write a defamation letter for legal proceedings.


Hopefully, the above information has helped you to understand how to deal against defamation. If you are going through such issues and don’t know how to get your reputation back, you can contact a legal advisor who deal with such cases. A prompt action is necessary to get the potential benefits from such situations.

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