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How to protect your personal information from scammers

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Make your strong security by yourself

At this time when everyone is desperate to save their lives in a crisis like Covid’s, a group of unscrupulous people choose to pursue their own interests in the virtual world by committing heinous technological crimes such as snatching sensitive personal information from others. That's why for those who spend most of the day connecting with technology or the virtual world, always be careful that your sensitive information does not inadvertently pass to such virtual criminals. Because with your important information, virtual criminals will achieve all kinds of immoral purposes under their control that are never desirable. Remember, you are your own security guard. 

The top five effective steps you can take to secure your personal information from scammers:

·      Don't answer call from unknown persons

Calls from unknown numbers are actually something you need to handle very carefully. If you think you are holding and that is an important call and after receiving you are told to click a specific button, then you have to understand it is just a robot controlled call and most of the time scammers simply choose to send robot controlled calls or messages to the call recipients through a sorted method. Gathering important information or tracking your location.In such cases you can take service from your call operator. The call operator will provide you with emergency services to block

robot-controlled calls or messages. If you are not satisfied with the call operator 

service, you can urgently ask the FCC for a service with a description of the problem. The FCC or the Federal Communications Commission will identify the robot-controlled call that comes to you and permanently disable its entire system or any legal action.

·      Avoid phishing emails

Whether you own an established company or a low-income person, dangerous mails or messages can come to you at any time. So don't be upset, you need to be very careful about these messages. Often you are given a message with the title of a tempting offer that has some spam links attached. If you inadvertently click on these links you can be greatly damaged by them which can be an irreparable loss to you. So be careful if you get this type of spam mail on your device.In this case, try to find the source directly without clicking on the links in the mail.

Because most of the time there is no similarity between the source of the message and the link in the mail. ·    

 Use call blocking software

These software compare any call that comes to your phone with some common features of a scammer call and your device decides whether the call coming to your phone is a legal call or is being made by scammers. Based on that decision, your phone either blocks the call by placing it in front of your screen. After downloading the software, install and use it to match their specific policies. Scammers can do you no harm.Triada click here  to learn more

·      Register your mobile number

Properly register your phone with the call operator according to specific policies. As a result, even if your device is affected by a scammer call for any reason, your call operator will be aware of this and will be able to take legal action against the scam call that comes to you easily, which will play an important role in securing your important information on your device. 

·     Read privacy policy

Read all the privacy policies of the websites you are signing in with your phone number or mail address. This is because some websites not only track your cookies but can easily penetrate your device which is a threat to your virtual security. You unwittingly signed up for their website and they are unaware of accessing your device. You cannot take legal action against them once they have been harmed because you have already given your opinion by clicking on the option- "I have read your privacy policy’’, which you may not have read. So before signing up you should thoroughly read the privacy policy of the website you want to access. 

Scammers exist everywhere. They are constantly on the lookout for faults in your device and using any faults in front of them, they infiltrate your device without your permission, steal your personal, financial, socially important information, endanger you and further their own interests. So in such a situation you should always be careful and have the right knowledge about the complete management of your device. Scammers will not be able to understand in any way what kind of error exists on your device. Always keep your device updated. 

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