How to protect yourself from thunderstrom.


Protection from storms


Thunderstorms can be defined as thunderstorms. It was very noisy because the thunder was so dangerous. Thunderstorms and what is the best course of action if you see a thunderstorm approaching often occur during the warmer months when the atmosphere is unstable and hidden clouds form. This happens when the hot air bag on the floor collides with the cold air at the top. Lightning is a rapid and intense release of lightning from a storm on the ground, often caused by clouds. There are many stories about electricity. For example; those tallest buildings are often hit by lightning strikes. Another myth is that they didn't collide twice in the same place. Not true.




When a lightning strike hits the ground, it averages 25,000 mph. This is about 1300 times the current used in the washing machine. People who spend a lot of time in remote areas, such as golfers, agricultural workers, and mountaineers, are more likely to be attacked. Most thunderstorms and storms occur in clouds, accounting for about 20 percent of the world's electricity. You don't have to worry about attacks. But the next strike. That person is also worried. It can be dangerous. When a power outage occurs, a large current flows in the surrounding environment.


How to protect yourself from storms.


The first step is to develop a self-defense strategy. Doing some research before going out is the best way to prevent storms. Check the weather app or newspaper for the weather and destination in your area. All electrical appliances, such as televisions, must be installed before a storm occurs, and in some cases lightning strikes can occur. If you are outside, seek protection as soon as possible to protect yourself from the storm. When thunder rang. Usually you are in the range of lightning. 10 miles from the center of the storm. Lightning can also occur.


What do you do inside during the storm?


I live in a building. Bright windows, doors and sky, as strong winds can break or break the glass. In addition, windows and door curtains and drapes need to be covered. Closing the lid prevents the broken glass from flying. Or it will be thrown. During electricity, metal pipes produce electricity.
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Therefore, bathing, washing, hand washing and dishwashing are not recommended. Do not use mobile phones or wired electronic devices such as computers and telephones. The power cable is a good conductor of electricity.


What if I'm outdoors in a storm?


If you are out, seek care as soon as possible. However, if no one is nearby, keep all electrical and metal equipment at least 20 inches away from your body if you touch bare ground. Sit near the floor with your head between your knees and hands. Try to lie down on the floor and avoid touching the floor as much as possible. Remember to keep a safe distance from the pole and the water. Also, find an open area with no flat ground. Avoid contact with water as your body may come into contact with the same body of water as electric water and may be damaged by lightning strikes. Small areas are safer, as most light hits long objects. Must be made of metal poles. Because metal objects attract electricity. If possible, this is a very safe place to stay in the car, where electricity flows through the metal parts of the car, through the tires and to the ground.


Avoid damaged power lines or cables after a storm. When a person is exposed to light. There is usually intense anger. Strikes also affect the heart. Therefore, it is important to examine the victim's pulse. As soon as a person strikes a lightning strike. Instead, call your nearest emergency number as soon as possible for help. Make sure there is no lightning strike or risk of lightning strikes before reaching the victim.