How to Provide Convenience to Your Magento 2 Clients?


Have you ever wondered why some online stores have more sales than others? Why some stores have returning customers while others struggle? Although there are countless factors that contribute to this but at the very basic level, your customers should have a pleasant time on your store. This means they should easily navigate through the store to find the content they are looking for. It should have a user-friendly interface and efficient customer support.

Another way to achieve this is to add features & functionalities to your eCommerce store. You can either install third party extensions to enhance the features or do this programmatically. FME's Magento 2 store pickup extension is one such extension that benefits both merchants & customers a great deal. It gives customers the option to select a convenient offline store to pick up their orders at a convenient time & date. This way, they don't have to wait for days for order delivery and save shipment charges too. For merchants with more than one Magento 2 stores, this extension provides them full features of Magento 2 store locator. They can add & display all their stores on a single page with directions on Google maps.

In store pickup is a great functionality to add to your eCommerce store. Customers prefer to save their costs wherever possible and they don't want to wait for an unknown time period. With the store pickup option, they can conveniently pickup their orders in person from a nearby store at a scheduled date & time. This builds their trust over the store which makes them returning customers.

Following are the features Magento 2 store pickup extension offers.

Allows customers to pickup orders from the nearest store

Customers can see a dropdown with all the uploaded stores at the checkout step from where they can choose a pickup store.


Pickup at a scheduled date & time

Customers can also schedule a specific date & time for order pickup. They can go to the store at the scheduled time to pick up their items.

Allows merchants to add an unlimited number of stores

This extension comes with full features of an advanced store locator extension which lets Magento 2 multi-store owners add all their store locations.

Creates a separate landing page for each store location

When a customer clicks on a particular store, it is displayed on a separate landing page with all the store's details. Google maps display the location of the store.

Adds store's details including title, description, address, contact details with each store

Admins can add all the details of a particular store which they want to display including the store's title, description, contact details, address, meta details etc.

Customers can search stores by radius, address or tags

The whole idea of adding the store locations is to facilitate customers in finding the nearest store. Customers can do so by searching the store in a particular radius. They also can search for stores by address.

Adds holidays, timetable, tags with each store

You can add holidays, working hours with each store which is great from visitor's perspective. Visitors can see the working hours and holidays of a particular store to make sure the store is open before visiting.

- Mobile optimized

The extension is fully responsive and works efficiently on all devices.

It comes with 45 days money back guarantee and FREE lifetime support & upgrades.

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