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How To Prune With A Reciprocating Saw | Keep your garden beautiful

How To Prune With A Reciprocating Saw

Are you thinking about pruning trees but cannot find the right tool? If so, then our article on how to prune with a reciprocating saw is the one you need to read.

Trees grow and spread of their own free will. Once the season starts to change, they start to become more and more shaggy. That's why pruning becomes necessary.

But, sometimes it can be a tough job to do if you don't have the right tool. Some people tend to use shears to prune, but that often leaves the job imperfect.

With regular saws or shears, it can be hard to reach the inner branches or under the bushes. But, a reciprocating saw can do a better job than regular shears.

What Is A Pruning Saw?

If you have no previous experience with pruning, you need to know what a pruning saw is. A pruning saw is a trimming tool. You can spot it easily as it has small sharp teeth.

Usually, people use a pruning saw for trimming and shearing tree branches and stems. It is a handy tool, especially when you need something lightweight and easy-to-operate.

There are different types and sizes of pruning saws available. The type and size differ according to your need. It also depends on what type of trees or what part of trees you intend to cut.

On the other hand, a reciprocating saw is a drill-like power tool. It is a handheld tool to prune trees.

How To Prune With A Reciprocating Saw?

Pruning a tree with a regular corded saw is different from pruning with a reciprocating saw. You need to be prepared and have the right set-up. Now, let's get back to how to prune with a reciprocating saw guideline.

Put on Protective Gears:

Of course, your safety should come first. There are several things you need to maintain before you even start pruning.

You will be working in dirt and gathering dust and loose branches. Loose branches and leaves will be flying everywhere when you prune. So, wearing personal protective clothing or PPE is a necessary step.

You need to wear safety glasses or guard to protect your eyes and mouth. Also, make sure to wear safety clothes. Wearing loose clothes has the risk of getting caught in the saw and can cause a fatal accident.

Reciprocating saw cordless tools can be noisy. It is better to use an earplug to protect your hearing.

Set the Blade and Shoe:

The size of the blade depends on the diameter of the tree branch you will cut. Reciprocating saw blades come between 6 to 12 inches. To know the size of the blade you need is quite simple.

Measure the diameter of the branch you intend to cut, and then add 2 more inches. After that, it is time to set the shoe.

Then you need to adjust the shoe of the blade unit. Setting the shoe determines how deep the blades will cut.

Hold the Blade Clamp:

Now, this is something you should not ignore. The clamp is the part where it holds the saw blade in place. A reciprocating saw blade should be secured in place.

You should prepare to cut only after you are sure that the blade is held in the clamp. If you don't know how to do that, follow the manual for details.

Identify the Collar and Start to Cut:

You don't know what a collar is? It is what the branch or trunk from where the extensions grow is called.

Trees spread throughout extensions. Once you find where it is growing from, pruning becomes a lot easier.

To start pruning, first, you need to find the collar in the branch or trunk closest to you. And then you can start to prune the branches.

You need to maintain a certain manner to cut properly. If you don't, the branch may cause the tree to rot.

Clear off the Nearby Area:

Pruning causes branches to fall off trees in a different direction. It can cause a fatal incident if the heavy branches fall in the wrong place or on someone.

That's why you need to make sure there are no people or animals around the cutting area or drop zone. Keeping the area clear can make the work easier.

Start Pruning:

Finally, you can start pruning. The reciprocating saw pruning is effortless work. But, the best way to cut is to start from the bottom.

Cutting from the bottom prevents heavy branches from splintering as they fall. If you start from the bottom, it clears off the lower area. Thus, the top branches can fall directly on the ground.

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Best Reciprocating Saw Blades For Pruning

When it comes to reciprocating pruning saw blades, you cannot go to the store and grab a random saw you see. The type of blade you use will determine how well the trees will be pruned. So, the blade has to come with the exact type and measurement.

The best reciprocating saw blades always come with good quality, teeth sharpness, good adjustment, performance, and durability. And, most importantly, they are always within your budget.

Of all the available reciprocating saw blades, finding the right one can be tough. But you can read more about them to find out which ones are the best reciprocating saw blades for pruning.

Cordless Reciprocating Saw Batteries

If you are using a cordless reciprocating saw, the battery power is a major feature to check. The battery charge needs to be durable enough to work for a long time.

Besides, the battery should charge faster. That would prevent you from waiting longer. So, when you are choosing cordless reciprocating saw batteries, make sure they go well with your requirement. There are many types of batteries available in the market. You need to have an idea what’s the Best battery for cordless tools to pick a good one.


Pruning trees is not a job for everyone. Older people tend to face more trouble holding the pruning saws and cut properly. That's why they often end up seeking help.

But using a reciprocating saw can make the job easier for anyone. And once you learn how to prune with a reciprocating saw, there is no turning back.

The best part of using these saws is that you can reach the hard-to-reach branches. And, you can also cut extended branches or trunks without cutting the fresh ones.

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