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How To Purchase A Petrol Lawnmower Online?


Petrol propelled mowers are more powerful than electric models and hence the former can finish the lawn maintenance sessions earlier while providing you with a better finish. So, if you own a medium or large-sized lawn, then a petrol-based mower might be the best choice.

Today, we will discuss some of the crucial factors that you need to consider while purchasing such a petrol based lawn maintenance machine. Read on to know suitable options for your property, so that you can maintain it without investing much time and effort. The rear roller petrol lawnmower is also the most powerful and good for the use. Check here for the best rear roller petrol lawn mower.

Size of your lawn

What is the size of your lawn? You can choose an electric version for small-sized lawns. For a large area, you need a powerful engine that can provide you with the required cutting results without taking much time. It’s the reason petrol mowers are suitable if you own a significant garden. Ride-on mowers come into picture when you need to cover a very large area.

Types of petrol mowers

You will find three different types of petrol mowers online. Each one of them is suitable for different lawn types.

a.       Rotary petrol mowers: If you own an uneven lawn wherein you want to use the mower every week, then try a model with a rotary blade movement. Such machines are called rotary mowers because of blades that spin parallel to the ground. Moving on four wheels, these mowers are suitable for medium or large areas. A rotary model might not be the right option for small lawns, especially with complicated edges.

b.      Cylinder petrol mowers: If you need a fine finishing or strips for a professional lawn, then try a mower with a cylinder based cutting system. Such machines utilize a rotating cylinder, create a scissor-like action take deals with the grasses. The result is a neat and clean looking lawn. It’s the primary reason why professionals and lawn service providers use such a machine in tennis courts and golf courses for striped grasses.

  1. Hover petrol mowers: The third category also uses rotary blades to operate, but gets this name because it does not have wheels for movement. Hover petrol mowers move over a cushion of air that’s created by their blades. So, if you own a small but complex lawn, then try something like Flymo XL500. As these models use rotary edges, the cutting results are inferior to a cylinder based mower.

Mowing width

The cutting or mowing width is the area a lawnmower can cover at once. Choose a narrow cutting width and you might spend a lot of time covering a large area. Similarly, a decent deck size will help you to finish the lawn maintenance session earlier than expected.

As we stated earlier, the size of a lawn is one of the crucial factors to check because it will impact several other points. If you own an area worth ½ of a tennis court, try a petrol mower with mowing width between 40 to 45 cm. Choose between 50 to 55 cm in case you have an area that’s equal to 2 tennis courts. For areas up to 4 tennis courts, you can try a mower with more than 52 cm of mowing width.Try a riding mower for any land that’s bigger than 4 tennis courts.


The power of petrol propelled mowers are denoted by horsepower (HP) or cubic centimetres (cc), wherein it can vary anywhere between 2 to 7 HP. Once you have the right mowing width, you can filter the available options in terms of power. If you own a large piece of land, then try to choose a powerful machine.

Cutting height

All the petrol lawnmowers come with up to 8 grass cutting height adjustments that vary anywhere between 14 to 100 mm. The number of levels depends upon the make, model and category of the mower. Rotary models come with maximum versatility in terms of grass cutting heights.


Petrol lawnmowers are expensive, heavy, operates high sound levels, and are not eco-friendly. However, these are the best solution to maintain a large area. For very large grounds, go for a riding petrol mower. If you own a small yard, then you can try an electric mower.

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