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How to purchase prepaid virtual cards using PayPal

How to purchase prepaid virtual cards using PayPal


Our world today is unquestionably digital. People are adopting new digital ways of shopping, ordering food, book a movie ticket, or even the way they used to pay and leaving old traditional ways behind. Online methods had proven to be more faster, convenient, and versatile in comparison to old traditional ones. 

One big change has been in the rise of virtual prepaid cards, virtual cards are more in trend than ever before. People are preferring virtual cards instead of old traditional physical cards. And well, there are tons of reasons behind the sudden rise in popularity of virtual cards. In this blog post, I'm going to tell you about prepaid virtual cards and how you can purchase them using PayPal.

What are Prepaid Virtual Cards

A virtual prepaid card is similar to a normal physical card except it doesn't exist physically. Virtual prepaid cards are electronically produced and delivered. It has the same great features as a physical prepaid card, you can use them to pay money anywhere around the world by just entering the security code. For doing transactions all you need to do is enter the 16-digit card number, its security code, and expiry date to make a payment.

Also, virtual prepaid cards make the online shopping experience more secure and convenient at the same time. You don’t need to worry about getting scammed or anything related.

Some Benefits of Having A Virtual Visa Card

Pay with an extra layer of security: Virtual cards are great in terms of security, using a virtual card for payments is the best to avoid scams or frauds. The payment you make with them isn't linked to your bank account.

It can be used anywhere: Most of the virtual prepaid cards are linked with Mastercard and Visa, which means it can be used for payments globally without any hassle.

Pay Faster: If speed and convenience matter you, then the virtual credit card will not make you upset. They are fast and quick, as soon as your application is approved. You can receive it via e-mail.

Pay according to your need: Spend the money you’ve added to your card and monitor how much you’re spending online.


But here's is a catch, there is no doubt virtual prepaid cards are great and super useful. But getting one and getting it from the right place matters the most and if you're someone who wants to purchase it through PayPal, then don't worry here I'll make it the best for you, getvirtualcard.com is an amazing and 100% legitimate website that has a wide library of virtual cards to offer. You'll easily able to get the one you're looking for. This website accepts several payment methods including PayPal as well.

The majority of people prefer PayPal as a payment option, well it is simpler and safer than using a credit and debit card. PayPal allows customers to register their cards with their PayPal account so they can use these conveniently for online checkouts and payments. Also, in case of dispute, it sides with the customer and will take money back from the merchant much faster than the actual credit card company.

What is getvirtualcard.com

As I’ve written before, getvirtualcard.com isa 100% legitimate website that offers safe and secure virtual cards. It has a massive library of virtual cards, you will find almost every virtual card that you're looking for at even lower prices and great discounts such as Virtual Prepaid Credit Card, Netflix Trial Virtual Credit card, US Google Ads Billing Virtual Card, PlayStation Vue Trial Virtual Credit Card and many more. Moreover, their Unique Virtual Cards support every IP, Name, Address, and Country which makes the process a lot more superior and smooth at the same time. You can purchase any virtual card via PayPal, Bitcoin, American Express, Visa, etc. This website accepts multiple payment options.

Not only this, a virtual prepaid card can be purchased anonymously without revealing your original identity. Here I'll tell you a step-by-step procedure to get a virtual card without any hassle.


Follow these simple steps to purchase a Virtual prepaid card via Paypal.


1. At first, visit getvirtualcard.com

2. Go to the shopping section and then you need to select a card you want to buy.

3. Now add your selected prepaid virtual card to cart.

4. The website offers plenty of payment options such as PayPal, Bitcoin, etc. You can simply select your ideal payment option in which you're comfortable.

5. As soon as the payment proceeds, the card will get deliver to you via an e-mail within 6 hours.


I hope this blog post helped you in getting your virtual prepaid card via PayPal.

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