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How to Recognize Thyroid Issues

Signs of Thyroid Issues

Thyroid is basically a butterfly shaped gland in the neck which is the master of metabolism. It controls every function of your body and when it stops functioning properly your health is affected adversely. 

Your weight increase, your go into depression, energy levels decreases and heart health deteriorate. People have thyroid problems but majority doesn’t know it.

Conditions of Thyroid

There are two conditions of thyroid: 

1- hyperthyroidism- where thyroid is over active.

2- hypothyroidism- where thyroid is under active.

It is hard to recognize and differentiate between these as it is hard to diagnosed thyroid. If you are still undiagnosed your risk factors are increasing day by day. You are becoming obese, infertile and host of many other problems. If you are not able to recognize the issue, consult a doctor of thyroid disorder

Changes in Season and Temperature

Sometimes change in season or sudden change in temperature also triggers thyroid issues. So you need to take proper precautions in this situations.


Women have greater risk of thyroid issues than men as their hormones changes constantly due to menstruation and pregnancy they are at greater risk of thyroid related problems. As we get older we are more prone to thyroid issues especially after we cross 50 we become thyroid sensitive.


When you smoke currently or even a former smoker you have greater risk of affecting with thyroid problems. When there is someone in family facing issue of thyroid you will also likely to have it.

Treatment for Thyroid Problems

  • Doctor will remove some part of thyroid as a treatment.
  • Try taking iron supplements to lower risk of thyroid issues.

Foods that Affect Thyroid

Fluoride in water affects thyroid. Eat fiber rich foods and coffee in moderate levels as they are not good for hyperthyroid issue. Foods with soy have negative impact on thyroid. Broccoli and cauliflower may interfere with the thyroid conditions; try to eat them in limits. 

Cooking them can reduce their effects so eat them cooked not raw. You need to minimize gluten rich foods like rice, bread and pasta from your diet as they imbalance hormones. Fatty foods like meat butter and fried things can also interfere with thyroids ability in producing hormones reduce their intake.

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