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Summary: If your hard drive folders are deleted because of any reason. It is a very painful moment for any user. This post will tell you how to recover deleted folders from external hard disks? This is the best place for you. So let’s start the article.

"I have stored 16GB of data in my hard drive. Yesterday I was deleting some folders from it. I don't know when I pressed ctrl-A and shift deleted button. I lost my all folders from external hard drive. Can anyone suggest to me how to recover deleted folders from external hard drive?"

 How Can I Recover Deleted Folder from External Hard Disk Issues?

Portable hard drive deleted folder data is the common problem reported by several users, it could be broken or other reason caused the drive error. But no need to worry, you can use Hard drive recovery software to retrieve deleted folders from external hard drive.

Reasons Behind Deleted Folder from External Hard Drive?

There are multiple root causes that would outcome in the deletion hard drive issue. They should be addressed so that users will not require to deal with the problems for a long period of time.

  •  Hard Drive Formatting Issue: It is the most probable cause your laptop could not detect your hard drive. The inability to format hard disk properly before the first use could cause issues later on.
  • Driver Issue: The drivers may not be available, corrupted, or outdated which would make the hard drive not Recognized.
  • Hard Drive Related Issues: A glitch in your hard disk will not permit anything on it to work in good and perfect way. This hardware problem should be addressed because it will affect more than your laptop's capability to recognize a flash drive.
  • OS Related Problem: Sometimes, if your OS is not updated with the necessary updates as often as possible, it would cause the system to not recognize the hard drive. This could be simply rectified by updating the necessary components.

Manually Recover Deleted Data from Recycle Bin

These steps will restore the deleted files that are placed in your recycle folder after deletion. 

Step 1. Double click on Recycle bin and open it. 

Step 2. Select the files you want to recover and click right-click on them. 

Step 3. Choose the Restore option from the list. And later you view them in their original location of the system. 

Tip – In case you don’t remember the previous location of the files then go to the properties tab to check the details and find the location where data was stored before.

 How to Recover Deleted Folder from External Hard Drive with Third-Party Software

With the help of SysTools Hard drive Recovery Software users can recover deleted, corrupted, and formatted data from hard disks. This tool can recover shift deleted data from hard drive. The best thing about this utility it supports all brands of hard drives without losing any data.

The users can use this software. By following these steps that I have mentioned below:

Steps to Retrieve Deleted Folder from External Hard Drive

  • Download and Install hard drive recovery software on your system.
  • The Software gives you two recovery options like Scan and Formatted Scan you can select any recovery options.
  •  After that find and preview restored hard drive data
  • Finally, users can save retrieved data on your computer

Final Verdict

When your documents deleted from hard drive, there are varying causes. Once users can find the reason, users can simply make the decision on how to resolve it. Besides, this problem also reminds you of the importance of growing a good habit of using your hard drive, like make a habit to take backup of the device regularly. I hope one of the solutions above could help to recover deleted folders from external hard drive.

User FAQs Regarding Deleted Data Recovery

Can I recover deleted data from portable hard drive?

Yes, you can recover it with hard drive data recovery tool.

I lost data while accidentally deleted from hard disk. How to recover data from hard drive?

4 steps to recover lost data files.

Step 1. Download and run the Windows data recovery utility.

Step 2. Click on Scan mode button.

Step 3. Preview recovered files and select the files.

Step 4. Click on Save button to restore the files.