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How to Recover Excel File?

Excel file recovery

If you are looking at this article, then it means you have interested to know – how to recover excel file?

When you forget to save excel file after complete the workbook, then you can easily recover the unsaved excel file through "Recent workbooks option", which is provided by Excel itself.

But imagine if you had been working on a really important workbook and the system crash. So, one cannot recover the file, because, Microsoft Excel do not support the recovery of Crash workbook. Don't worry; I have already faced the same problem.I also felt panic when I lose my crucial workbook. So, I researched and finally got a solution for this. This solution did help me to recover the crash workbook. So, in this article, I am going to explain how to recover Excel file after a sudden shutdown. For this, we are going to use the most reliable SysTools excel recovery software. Because without software isn't possible to recover to Damage excel file.

Technique to Recover Excel File

The software provides demo version is free. Therefore you can download the demo version for test. How it works, Then you can plan as per your requirements.

The software provides two types of software based on excel file format.

They are Xlsx and Xls. They are different in the information storing way. Because Xlsx is the binary format and Xls is the open XML format.

Let us see which types of damage file can recover SysTools excel recovery software:

  1. Recover broken excel file.
  2. Recover Corrupt excel file
  3. Inaccessible spreadsheet
  4. Protected workbook
  5. Recover excel sheet after crash
  6. Virus-infected workbook
  7. Excel file with a locked cell

Follow all steps properly to recover excel corrupted files.

Now I am going to explain you step by step from my experience how you can recover excel file. Follow the all given steps properly without missing any steps.

Step 1: Open SysTools Excel Recovery by clicking on start menu >> All program >>SysTools Excel Recovery

Step 2:Then choose from following options to add XLSX file:

  • Add File: Enable users to browse and repair single. Xlsx file/ multiple files of MS Excel
  • Add Folder: Enable users to browse and repair folder containing Xlsx files.
  • Search file: Enable users to automatically search within drives like C and D from user system & repair in bulk

Step 3: Choose damage to excel file from add file option and repair single xlsx file/ Multiple files.

Step 4: Select file from your system location. Which excel file you want to repair, After that click on the open option.

Step 5: Once you have browsed the file. Select the desired Excel file using the checkbox and click on the repair option to process.

Step 6: The software begins with a complete analysis process to repair excel file as shown below.

Step 7: You can preview the complete list or repaired file on the left panel and preview each excel workbook on the right side.

  • Preview Excel Workbook
Preview excel work book
  • Preview Workbook with Multiple Worksheet

The software provides various preview functionalities: Normal view, page layout, page break preview.

Zoom in / Zoom Out Option

Step 9: The software also provides an Advance Search Feature using Ctrl + F which permits the user to search with recovered Microsoft excel file.

Save recovered files

Step 10: Choose the desired file for saving. Click on the save option for save a recovered document.

The desired file

Step 11: Choose the destination location to save a recovered document.

destination location

Step 12: After file saved, The software shows the message “Files saved successfully”

Message " File save successfully"

Step 13: Now open destination location preview recovered workbooks.

Step 14: Preview recovered file with MS Excel.

Why use SysTool Excel Recovery Software

SysTools is the professional recovery software. The software helps to repair any type of damaged excel file. It is easy to use, Good interface And various useful options and software also provide demo version is free. So if you want to recover, You just need to launch the software.

1. Recover workbook and spreadsheet from corrupted data.
2. Three workbooks excel recover model: Add file, Add folder and search drive.
3. It has an auto-detect feature to detect damage workbook and recover multi excel workbook.

4. The software shows complete recover data before saving it.
5. Support excel recovers to repair MS office 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007.

Lists of the possible reason for the damage excel file.

Ms Excel is the most popular software. The Ms excel often use in the office to keep transactions and for any other purpose. Whenever can be corrupt is a normal thing. Because it can be like due to unexpected power cut, Sudden system down, Virus and malware-infected, Mishandling of the excel file, Hard drive corruption, etc.

Now I am going to explain all the possible reason to understand properly. They are mentioned below one by one.

Unexpected power cut: If you are working on the laptop good no matter with this issue. But you are working on the PC/ Desktop. This whenever could cut electricity, That time can be crash excel workbook.

Sudden system down Processor is the brain of the computer. If the computer fan has a problem and we are working continue a long time in the same system. Then the processor will be heated. After that System is suddenly shutdown.

Virus and malware-infected: Virus can come through unnecessary file download from the internet and any other reason. That's why excel file is virus infected. So I recommended installing powerful Anti-virus software. Which software will protect the system.

Mishandling of the excel file: Excel file become corrupted if you not handling correctly and the result of unable to open the workbook. So I recommended handling correctly to the workbook.

In this article, we did a conversation about how we can recover excel file, a method to recover damaged excel file, why use excels recovery software, Advantage of the software, lists of the possible reason of the damaged excel file.

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