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How to recover Pictures using Photo Recovery software?

Every photo you take has a story to tell and remember. Losing these digital memories can be annoying and sometimes a catastrophic loss.

However careful you are, it’s easy to lose digital photos stored in computer, mobile phone, USB flash drive, pen drive, SD card, CD/DVD, SSD or any other media.

But the good part is deleted or missing pictures from any drive or storage media can be recovered with the help of recovery software.

Why you lose digital photos?

Accidental deletion is the most common reason reported for the loss of digital photos. Other than this, formatting, corruption, abrupt interruption during file transfer, OS crash etc., can also result in photos loss.

Are deletedphotos lost forever?

When you delete a photo or format the drive, the action,though visibly removes the stored photosbut the files are notpermanentlyerased from the drive. Just that the space occupied by those image files is marked empty and available for further use. The deleted image files can be traced by the advanced algorithms of photo recovery software and restored.

It is also important to note that the chances of photo recovery from any storage drive reduce if it is overwritten. Even the best photo recovery tool is not always helpful in such cases.

Which is the best photo recovery software?

The best photo recovery softwareis one that has extensive image file format support and restores from all types of storage drives — hard drive, SD card, SDXC, SDHC, flash drives CD/DVD, pen drives, SSD, etc.

The software should work in tough photo loss situations. It should be able to recoup lost pictures from formatted drives, crashed system, those lost due to drive corruption, during file transfer etc. It should be safe with no virus threat.

One of the popularly used tool is Stellar Photo Recovery has all the prerequisites of an advanced recovery tool. It works in difficult photo loss scenarios and restores without affecting the original photo quality. You can recover JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PSD, CR2, NEF, ORF, SR2 etc.

Moreover, it is easy to use and has several user-friendly features that help in quick and specific photo recovery such as,

-          Save scan & resume recovery later

-          Customized recovery with specific file types

-          Add your own file type for recovery

-          Create image of corrupt drives and recover lost photos from it


Key Benefits


·         Recover almost all image file types from any camera

·         Recover RAW camera file formats

·         Recover from damaged, inaccessible, corrupt drives

·         Recover photos from encrypted-drives

·         Also, restore videos, music, podcasts etc.

·         Has both Windows and Mac versions

In steps: How to recover pictures from any drive or storage media

1.      Connect your drive or media to computer.

2.      Download & launch Stellar Photo Recovery software.

3.      On software home screen, select drive from which you lost photos and click Scan.

4.      After the scan process ends, Preview found photos.


5.      Click Recover.

6.      Click Browse to choose location for saving the photos. Click Save.

Are their ways to recover deleted photos without using software?

No, but before using photo recovery software, you should always check for the deleted photos at below locations on your system:

Recover from Recycle Bin/ Trash: Check for the deleted photos in Recycle Bin on Windows PC or Trash folder on Mac. The deleted files from the computer remain in these folders for 30 days or until you empty it. You can find and restore images from here to the original location on your system.

Recover photos via Quick Access: Quick Access folder in File Explorer holds recently viewed or edited photos on your computer. You can check the folder if the deleted photos are listed in the ‘Recent Files’ section. Simply open, copy or save the required photo from here.

Recover deleted photos from backup: You can restore deleted photos from the backup created on Cloud storage like Google Photos, Dropbox, OneDrive or other external hard drive or media.


Professional photo recovery software is a quick and easy way to recover deleted or lost pictures in any situation. An advanced tool like Stellar Photo Recovery is quick, easy and effective to recover photos shot from any DSLR, digicam, Android, iPhone, etc. It can scan various types of storage drives up to 5TB and recovers almost any photo file types.

If you are not able to use the software, you can obtain our Remote Data Recovery services for all logical data loss cases. Our professional will help you to recover your data remotely. You will not require submitting your media to our Data Recovery Services.



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