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How to Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook 2016 & Below Versions?

Having duplicate emails, calendars, and contacts in a mailbox is one of the common problem faced by Outlook users. Now, duplicates in Outlook can create lots of trouble for the users. For example, occupies storage space or might result in corruption issues in PST file Outlook. Apart from this, it sometimes creates confusion also so, handling of mailbox data becomes difficult. Therefore, to prevent all such issues, a user is suggested to remove duplicate emails in Outlook. Now, the question is how one can delete duplicate emails in Outlook? In order to know all possible ways of doing the same, go through the blog below.

Recently I have noticed that there are some duplicate emails in Outlook mailbox. I do not know why I am having a double copy of each email? Know running out of storage space so, want to delete them and avoid any further issue. So, can anyone tell how to delete duplicate emails in Outlook? It will be a great help.

Reasons Behind Duplicates Items in Outlook 2016

There can be many possible causes users are seeing multiple copies of the same email in their mailbox. Like, you might be receiving single email multiple times from your friend. This segment will provide you a quick overview of the same:

  • It might be possible that rules are not configured in a proper way.
  • While configuring Outlook mailbox, some parameters are not set correctly.
  • Short interval while sending/receiving the message can create synchronization issue, result deduplication in the mailbox
  • If a single account is configured in multiple devices like laptop, mobile, etc., there might be synchronization issue for incoming messages.
  • Another reason can be a technical issue like usage of third-party anti-virus Scammer.

What Problem Faced By Users After Deduplication in Outlook?

Duplicate emails in Outlook can create lots of problems for the Outlook users. And, all these reasons make users search for a solution to remove duplicate emails in Outlook and below versions. Major reasons for the same are listed below:

  • Slow performing Outlook application.
  • Oversize Outlook mailbox might result in data file corruption.
  • Pop-up messages like freezing, hanging, or not responding.

Looking for a Solution to Delete Duplicate Emails in Outlook- Here We Go!

Manual approaches to remove duplicate emails in Outlook 2016 and below versions will totally depend on the cause of deduplication. So, if a user is not sure about the reason, removing duplicate items from Outlook via manual method. In such type of situation, switching towards professional solution, i.e., Outlook Duplicate Remover will be a smart move.

Depending on the above mentioned causes of duplicate items in Outlook, multiple manual methods are discussed below:

Manual #1: Proper Configuration of Rules

The very first thing that you can try is a quick check on Outlook rules configuration. If they are not set properly, then it might create confusion between email folders. So, it is important to configure rules properly.

Manual #2: Manage Inbox Updates Frequency

As slow send / receive intervals can also be one of the reasons behind deduplication in Outlook. Therefore, increase the inbox update frequency to overcome the issue. To do the same, simply start Outlook and navigate to Send and Receive button. Here, you need to choose Define Send or Receive Groups option. And, change the value to 15-30 minutes.

Manual #3: Via Clean Up Inbox Utility

Microsoft Outlook has some in-built tools or add-ins that can help you out in dealing with the duplicate emails in Outlook. In order to know how to clean up your mailbox, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, open Outlook application and choose mailbox folder
  2. After that, go to Home and click on the Cleanup button.
  3. Next, you need to follow the configuration mentioned below:
  • Clean up Conversation: This will remove duplicate emails from the conversation.
  • Clean Up Folder: This will delete duplicate emails from any specific folder.
  • Clean Up Folders and Subfolders: This will delete duplicate folders and subfolders
  • At last, right-click on the Deleted Items folder and choose Empty Folder option to delete emails permanently

Manual #4: Antivirus Application

If you look for the duplicate files in the mailbox, it could be because server connection is not shut down properly. This is the reasons emails are not flagged in a proper way and start creating duplicates. In addition, settings of the Antivirus application can also be one of the reasons behind deduplication.

Therefore, to fix the issue you just need to disable Antivirus for the email protection. However, it is not the right way of resolving the problem. Disabling antivirus might result in severe corruption issues in the case of virus attack due to emails.

Still Unable to Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook 2016?

Give a Try to Professional Solution- Outlook Duplicate Remover

All above discussed manual methods are not the foolproof way of deleting duplicate emails in Outlook. Therefore, if you are looking for some guaranteed solution, then you can try Outlook Duplicate Remover tool. It is among the best tools to deal with the duplicates issue in Outlook. The software fulfills all basic requirements of users like it is capable to remove duplicates from Outlook, including emails, contacts, calendars, etc.

Time to Wrap Up

Managing a large number of duplicates in Outlook mailbox is not easy always. It sometimes creates confusion or occupies unnecessary storage space also. Therefore, users look for a solution to remove duplicate emails in Outlook. Considering his requirement of users in mind, multiple ways of doing the same are covered in this post.

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