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How to Remove the SIM card in an iPhone or iPad

iPhone is a top-notch brand and it provides you with all the modern facilities. Like any other smartphone, the device iPhone needs to be operated by a SIM card. Subscriber identity module (SIM) is the very important chip of the iPhone. Without this SIM card, you can’t check in to the internet, make or receive calls and so on. 

A SIM-only allows you to get all the local offers of your area through the iPhone. A SIM card takes all the command given by you and then the iPhone shows actions on its screen. A SIM works country wise which means if you travel internationally then you need to swap the SIM. 

Why you need to change the SIM on an iPhone/iPad

Perhaps you already know that a SIM works best in local areas from where it is registered. If you want to use the network of the country you live then you have to choose the SIM of that particular country. Even different operators of the same country offer different facilities. That’s why if you want to enjoy the best offers and facilities you must need to remove the current SIM to replace it with another one. 

Removing an iPhone SIM card is so strange for some iPhone users. Since the iPhone comes with non-removable battery, the SIM card slot is not inside the internal part of the device. You will find the SIM card slot at the side part of the power key button. 

Anyway, let’s discuss how to do the replacement process. Since the SIM card slot is staying in the apple’s body you need to apply some simple tricks to put it out of the device. 

SIM card replacement from an iPhone/iPad

How to Remove the SIM card in an iPhone or iPad

You will find how easy and fun is to remove the SIM card slot. It is pretty easy more than your worries. 

Elements you need 

The replacement will take you only some minutes and one tool. You don’t need to purchase anything since it can be done with the very common material of your household. 

If you have bought a brand new unlocked iPhone then the SIM card remover tool is provided to you. Check the iPhone box you will definitely get the small pusher pin. But if you have lost the tool by any way then don’t worry as we are there to help you.

Think positively and smartly, carefully notice the side part of your IOS device. Check both sides of the volume and power key side and you will surely get a hole. Hopefully, you got the idea! Yes, you just need a very thin and long tool like a stapler pin to enter its sharp part into the hole and push it. So you can definitely use a paper clip, a small screwdriver ( if its front part is just like the needles), cloth pins and more like these. 

Where you will get the SIM slot in different model iPhone

  1. Comparatively older iPhones like iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS includes the SIM card slot in it's head/upper part. You will notice the SIM slot hole between power and headphone dick.
  2. Newer iPhones try to be smarter in terms of SIM card slot. You will get it in the opposite direction of the volume up and down button.
  3. If the iPhone is manufactured from China then its easier to find. You will get two SIM slot hole in both sides of your device. But one time you can activate only one slot. 

Where you will get the SIM slot in different model cellular-capable iPad

  1. In genuine iPad, you need to search the SIM card slot on the left side. You will get this just opposite side of the mute and volume key button.
  2. In iPad like iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4 contains the SIM slot on the top side of the left side. The slot hole will be the visible opposite side of the mute and volume key buttons.
  3. In a newer model of iPads like iPad Pro or iPad Air or iPad Air 2 or like these contains the SIM slot in the right side. The slot hole is visible in the same side where the volume and the mute switch is located. 

Step by step replacing/removing SIM in the iPhone/iPad

Step1: Take the tool you already managed and enter it into the tiny pinhole opening. 

Step2: Now push the pin in 90o degree angle slightly. Be careful you push the tool straight not in any angle otherwise your device can get cracked by an accidental slip of the sharp tool. 

Step3: After giving the press inside the hole the SIM slot will come out of the device. Now grab the slot carefully and pull out from the logic board. 

Step4: So finally the SIM slot is at your hand. Now you can replace the SIM with your desire one or put the SIM for the first time. You will see two/three SIM card space in the slot. So you can add SIM or replace them.

Step5: Since in the SIM slot there is two or three SIM keeper cage you need to be careful while putting on the SIM. The iPhone device comes with a nano-SIM slot so you need the nano-SIM to use the device. So make sure your nano-SIM has aligned with the cage of the SIM slot accurately. 

Step6: After you have successfully installed the nano-SIM/ SIMs in the slot you are ready to go. Simply get enter the slot inside it’s the right place. Make sure you are holding the slot in the right direction and in the right way. Now push the slot towards the blank cage and it will automatically dissolve with the body of the device. 

Step7: Now you need to check if your device showing the SIM network or not. If it shows network signs on the right top side of the screen then you are successful. 

So, these were so simple and easy tricks to remove the SIM from your iPhone or iPad device. Hopefully, these tricks will help you to get solve your SIM removing the problem with a very little effort. We suggest you not to be worried about any problems regarding the IOS device. 

You are the master of solving your iPhone/iPad issues. Just be creative and follow our guidelines. Our instructions and quick hacks will help you save lots of money and valuable time. Spread the news to everyone you know. Be happy and hold on the co-operation. Thank you!

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