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How to Repair an Old Torn Photo with Photoshop?

Photos are a source of many memories that can live on forever. But often, time can erode away a tangible photograph’s quality. At some point or the other, the option of fixing a spoilt photo with the help of photoshop will come up. 

Photo Restoration Services can help bring back the life in faded and damaged photographs. Indeed, using Photoshop, old photos can be made to look completely brand new.


Reassemble an Old Photo

The first step is to scan the old torn photo to the computer. If it is in many pieces, don’t worry about that, select all the pieces of that particular photo. Ensure that you are duplicating the background layer while you are selecting. 

After that, cut and paste all the pieces to be on their separate layers. Next, use the move tool to bring the photos back to the positions that they were in earlier. At this point, you also need to align all the components of the picture.


Edit Away the Dust and Scratches

Photoshop can provide people with a number of tools to edit away dust and scratches. Photo Restoration Services experts use many of these tools to enhance the image quality.

Some of the best tools used by Photo Restoration Services are:

    1. Spot Healing Brush Tool – This tool samples automatically from a source. This tool is used effectively on minor blemishes and scratches. When using this tool, it is essential to remember to select the ‘Content Aware’ that is at the top of Photoshop. It is possible to disguise any imperfections with this brush.

    2. Clone Stamp Tool – People can select the source sample when using this tool. However, when using it, remember to stay cautious about replicating visible spots. 

    3. Brush Tool – This tool is used only when there are no choices for sampling. This tool requires a careful hand and a trained eye. It might also need some more Noise to impart a realistic look to the photo. Add some Noise but not too much. Minimize the darkness to around 50 percent by using the Blac and White Adjustment Layer. Brush Tool can be used in an easy manner if the person is using a tablet. If you are using a mouse, then it might be a little difficult to use this tool.


Fix Discolouration in the Photo

Suppose the need arises to correct the color of the cast in a worn photograph. In that case, it can be done by using Photoshop Colour Balance. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

    1. Open an old photo in Photoshop. 

    2. Now select an image, then adjustments, and color balance.

    3. Ensure that you select the Midtones radio button and check the preview. Photoshop does correction to the middle tones of the picture. If that seems insufficient, follow the next step.

    4. Adjust with the color sliders. 

    5. Select the Highlights and Shadows radio buttons so as to adjust colors to specific parts of the image properly.

    6. Now check the option of Preserve Luminosity to change the picture's color while preserving the brightness and contrast.


Photo Restoration Services can improve and boost the look of any photograph. No matter how faded and old the photo is, you can be confident that it will look natural and genuine after being touched up. Bright and vibrant images indeed bring a smile to the face.


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