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How To Replace and Install Double Hung Windows

Windows are the most well-maintained and renovated area of the house. Many owners have switched to replacement of the windows for bringing down the costs of heating and cooling of the house. In this case, traditional-style windows like single-hung and double-hung windows come into the picture. Many factors are considered when you choose a new window like from the style to how easily it can be cleaned and safety issues. 


Single-hung and Double-hung Windows Installation


Single-hung is the most popular variety which is a window with a single sash. Double hung windows have two sashes and have more versatility. They both look similar. Both come in a variety of ranges and sizes. Single-hung windows are easier to install as they have fewer moving parts thus they are also less expensive. For double-hung windows, the fitting of the parts should be carefully done so that they are energy-efficient and thus more expensive to install. Single-hung windows can be added to your DIY list. 




Double-hung windows as discussed will cost more than the alternatives. It is almost 75% more than others but is very energy efficient. Double-hung windows have more movable parts and other factors include the size of the window, energy efficiency, the material with which the window frame is made, and protection from UV rays. 




The double-hung windows open from bottom and top which gives more versatility. You have more options of ventilation in this case. This is a great advantage over single-hung windows. 


Energy Efficiency


The need for energy efficiency is a priority while installing double-hung doors. There is a possibility of a poor air seal in this case. 40% of the energy can be saved from having windows with movable parts. The upgrade is done by more people to have energy conservation. Good quality energy-efficient windows can be found in all types of windows. Double-hung windows have a small drawback as they have a top seal that is not very tight. 




Double-hung windows are easy to clean as they slide up and down along with tilting. You can clean these easily than your single-hung windows as single-hung windows need to be cleaned from the outside. It makes it difficult to clean windows which are installed on the first floor. On the other hand, in double-hung windows, you can just swing it to the other side and clean the exteriors also in one go. 




Both types of windows come in a variety of styles, frames, and designs. They can be wooden frames, aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl for example. Most manufacturers offer more varieties in double-hung windows than single-hung ones for frames and trim areas. 




Single-hung window is the most used as they are very beneficial over double-hung in terms of cost and ease of installation. They are also popular because of their longevity. It is also given importance and retained if the owners want to keep the traditional architecture of the space intact and work around it. Double-hung doors have slowly started to gain popularity due to a variety of reasons. The main reason it is popping up a lot these days is due to the energy efficiency it offers and also the wide variety of styles the manufacturer has come up with in the recent past. 

Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes
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