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How To Reset A Home AC Unit?

Air conditioners were once considered a luxury by the people using it. But with an increase in global warming, this luxury turned into a necessity. We do not feel what our AC does for us, unless or until we face a problem in its functionality. Consider an hour or two without the air conditioner, and now imagine yourself sitting in the sweat and waiting for the repairer to arrive.

The wait for the repairer is usually a long one, especially when the weather is hot. Now, what if the repairer arrives and tells you that the issue is a minor one. You not only ruined your time but also throw your money away in the gutter.

But hey! Cheer up, because we have brought you the way to restart you AC, in order to recover all sorts of minor issues.

How To Reset A Home AC Unit?
How To Reset A Home AC Unit?

What is the need to reset?

The reason behind reserving your air conditioner is that the circuit breaker is engaged and is not allowing the compressor to start functioning. The reason behind this stoppage is that when your electric voltage is high or the electric supply suddenly trips, your circuit breaker protects your compressor from catching fire or getting exploded.

This does not mean that you ignore circuit breaker. Circuit breakers are a material part of air conditioners. You might also need the reset option if the thermostat is not working properly and the room is not getting cold when it is needed to.

How to reset the air conditioner?

Before going into the reset process, make sure that almost everything outside the AC is working properly. Check the power outlet and see whether the electric current is flowing in a continuous matter. You can check the flow of current by using equipment made for this purpose or by just turning on the lights and see if the lights are bright enough.Now you know that your power supply is okay so that you can move to the reset procedure.

Resetting your AC:

  1. Find the button – To reset your AC, search for a button on it that is made for the resetting purpose. The button is usually red in color and fairly small in size. If you are having difficulty in finding where the button is, then you can consult the manual that you received from tour supplier.
  2. Press the button – Once you find the button, press and hold it for a period of 3 seconds and release it. After a moment, press and hold it again. Your air conditioner will respond by giving threeseparate beeps. This is a signal that your AC is now reset.

My AC does not have any reset button:

If you cannot find a reset button, then the AC can only be restarted manually. This would sound a little complicated, but in reality, the process is quite easy. You need to do the following this, in order to get what you want:

Turn the supply if power off –The outdoor compressor must have a shut-off panel near it. The compressor needs to be plugged in this panel to make it work in the normal situation. Now turn the switch off, andgocheck if the voltage is 240 or not. Turn off the main electricity supply as well. This will make sure that there is no current flowing through the circuit of your air conditioner.

Plug out –For precautionary measure, unplug the compressor completely from the power supply. This will make sure that your air conditioner has no chance to have any sort of connection with the main electrical supply.

Wait for a period of 30 minutes –You do not need to wait for too long to plug the compressor back in the panel. But it is better to be a little patient. It requires 30 minutes for the circuit to completelydissipate the charges running in the system.

Plug it back in –When the wait is over, you just need to plug it back in the panel. Do not turn on your air conditioner immediately after the wait of 30 minutes.

Switch it back on –Now, go to the main supply and turn it on. Come near the panel and switch it on too. Make sure that the thermostat is set to cool.

After following these simple steps, you will definitely experience an immense improvement in the functionality. If your air conditioner is still not providing the expected results then do these two things:

  • Check the thermostat– Check that it is set to cool or it is working properly.
  • See if the filters are clean – Usually, when the filters are dirty, the dirt gets trapped in the air passage, and the flow of cold breeze is interrupted.Clean the AC filters and see the output.

When to call an expert?

The professional help will not be needed in any of the above cases. But you will need the help if the circuit breaker keeps on tripping now and then, and the system is getting hot.

On the other hand, if you find that the wires are exposed,or the connections are loose, then you should call the experts immediately. The delay is a risk to your safety, so it is better to spend a little money. Alongside the safety, these problems in the connections might cause permanent damage to your air conditioner,and this will make you purchase a new unit (which is a heavy investment).

Additionally, if your air conditioner frequently needs a reset, then you should call a repairer. Because a repeated occurrence of the same problem is an indication that there is definitely something wrong with your air conditioner unit, of which you are unaware of.

expert checking ac

Importance of maintenance:

Appoint a company or a professional for proper servicing of your air conditioner after a specified interval of time. The professional will track the problems and deficiencies in the unit and will respond to it accordingly.

This low-cost maintenance is better than putting your safety and AC unit at risk. A small expenditure is better than investing in buying a separate air conditioner.

Also, keep a check on the refrigerant leak. Most of the times this would be the interruption in the cooling process.

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