Friday, September 29, 2023
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How to resign from a job in person?

Quitting a job is an emotional and sensitive experience. But remember neither you are the first person to quit the job nor you won’t be the last. So, there is absolutely no need to think too much about it and do end the job professionally. It is a normal practice that you have to inform your employer about your decision of quitting the job in advance so that the company gets some time to recruit a suitable candidate in your replacement. As such it becomes very important to write a resignation letter to your immediate boss or let him know about your resignation in person. But writing a resignation letter gives you written proof that you have informed the company about your resignation well before the date of exit. Hence it is always advisable to send a resignation mail to the supervisor even if you let your boos in person about your decision of resignation. As such most people look for the best letter template for writing the resignation letter. But it is mostly seen that those templates do not fit in all situations. That is the reason why we have come up with all the details that you need to know for resigning from a job in person:

  • Be aware of the notice period: The first thing that you need to know is the notice period that you have to give to the company before leaving the job. Every company keeps certain terms and condition about the notice period and it is very important for the employee to have a clear idea about the notice period. If you are not sure about the notice period you can contact your HR manager and be clear about how much notice you have to give to your employer before you quit the job. Sometime situation may arise when you need to leave the company immediately without giving proper notice to the company due to some emergency. But even in such condition, it is important to meet the supervisor and let him know why you need to leave the job immediately. Generally, the company allows the employee n case of a valid reason.
  • Don’t forget to thanks your boss: No matter whatever be the reason for quitting your job it is very important to thank your boss before you leave your job. You should appreciate your boss by stating how he has helped you to grow in the company. You may leave the company for various purposes such as pursuing your passion or for going to a graduate school or for personal problems or family problems or joining another company for your growth. In every situation, you may need your boss for your future reference. Thanking your boss or providing a positive note on your boos will encourage him to give a good note on you if any company enquired about you in the future. So, you should always try to keep a good relationship with the boss even if you leave your job.
  • Try to assist during the transition period: Once you give your resignation the workload of your boss automatically increases as he has to complete the entire work without you. Moreover, the company has to hire a candidate for your replacement. It is never easy to hire a suitable candidate, especially in a short period. After hiring the candidate your boss has to train him or her and it is also a time taking process. So, under such condition, if you assist your company by training the hired candidate it would be of great help to the company. Hence, while talking to your boss in person or writing the resignation letter you should show your willingness to assist the company during the transition period.
  • Providing your contact number: You may leave the job of your company but your boss can still remain your vital network. You may require the support of your for reference in the future. It may also happen that your boss may also have a good opportunity for you in the future. As such it is always beneficial for you to give him your contact number.
  • Remain committed until the end: It's simple to check out at during a progress. These acts won’t go unnoticed by your co-workers and could affect your chance to get positive references for future job. It's critical to remain a functioning cooperative person until you leave the workplace on your last day. Stay on course you settled upon with your supervisor.

Resigning isn't a simple activity. Be pleased with yourself after you've done it. Exit the entryway and claim your future. Find what is most important to your heart and pursue it.

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