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How to restore a house after water damage?

Repairing a flooded house cannot be improvised. Before the companies even step in to fix what can be repaired, you can start some work: clearing away anything that is in the way. If someone said, I want to find water damage restoration near me Then, you can suggest themto get the services of best restoration company like pinnaclerestorationinc, cleaning up mud, disinfecting walls and floors and drying the house. . Make an effort to proceed with order and method, without losing heart.

Clear and sort after water damage

To more easily remove residual water and mud, remove all furniture and appliances. Store them in a safe place. Take a tour to determine what can be kept and what to throw away.

·         Pump the stagnant water still in the house or push it out with brooms and squeegees.

·         Remove all floor coverings, carpeting and rugs. Only the tiles have a chance of being able to be recovered. Likewise, remove wallpapers and wall coverings even if they are not completely soaked. It is at this price that the floors and walls of your house can begin to dry.

·         Remember to ventilate the rooms well when you work and do not hesitate to create drafts.

·         Be properly equipped to work. Rubber boots and gloves are required. Disinfection is very important because the waters of a flood are never clean.

Clean and disinfect your home after water damage

The waters of a flood are at best muddy and at worst carry various germs (back-up from sewers and sanitation) or polluted. This is why it is important to clean everything well with clean water and to disinfect.

Start by cleaning the floor and walls with a water jet , brush and sponge depending on the degree of soiling. To remove most of the mud, you can use a pressure washer with a moderate spray. Use a little detergent but don't lather too much. After washing, disinfect using bleach. It will eliminate germs and prevent the installation of molds and fungi. Use bleach at the dilution recommended on the package. Apply this dilution to all surfaces affected by water. Leave on for 30 minutes, rinse then dry.

Be careful using bleach. Protect yourself by wearing suitable clothing ventilate the premises or wear a mask.

Dry your house after water damage

Drying the house is the top priority. It is for your health and that of your home. Complete drying takes at least 6 months. It is longer in an old building than in a recently built house. The thicker the walls, the longer the drying time.

The best way to dry out your home is to hire a specialist company who can install a large dehumidifier or a dehydrator. Check with your insurer the conditions for taking charge of such an intervention.

A few simple actions will help evacuate the water that soaks the walls. You must remove wet and soiled mineral insulators. They will have to be replaced with new materials. Remove the outlets to create air circulation behind the partitions. Take the opportunity to check the condition of your partitions. Depending on their condition, you will need to remove and replace them. For hard walls, drill holes at the top and bottom to remove water.

And above all ensure good ventilation of the premises. The water must be able to evaporate from the walls and the house. Heat moderately. An electric dehumidifier will be of great help.

Furniture and appliances after water damage

Take a piece of furniture by piece of furniture to see what is recoverable and what you will need to throw away. Sofas, armchairs and bedding that have taken in water must be removed. For other items, if they are just damp, let them dry and clean them. Only use bleach until the material supports it.

Be especially careful with household appliances. Ask the electrician who will come to inspect your electrical installation for advice. To evacuate your waste see with your town hall. Often skips are made available to residents of disaster areas. Be patient. It takes a long time to rehabilitate a house after water damage.  For any embellishment and decoration work, wait until the walls and floors are really dry. Good luck!

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