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How to Rip Narrow Boards With a Circular Saw?

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If you want to cut a long board to a narrow without a table, the saw doesn't worry, and you can do a great job with a circular saw. Circular saw is an essential device for every carpenter and artisan toolkits. Before you begin sawing, its recommended to familiarize yourself with the specific model, hence you can decide to buy a circular saw under $50. You can see our recommendations on Pick The Tools. Therefore, we have step by step to help you narrow the board with a circular saw. 

Create the cutting guide 

To make a cutting guide is easy and would not take much of your time. It will great help to cut narrow boards effectively. 

Choose the right platform. 

The platform is a long and straight piece of wood. You might need several of the slab based on the height. You can decide to use either one or multiple of the slab depending on the height you want—tile supposed to be thicker than the board you need to rip on. 

Clamp circular saw sole to the slab.

Your Circular saw it required to be clamp tightly on the slab. In case it does not hold tightly, use the wood to make sure the clamp holds it firmly. 

Adjust circular saw to the required width

According to homeinside.net, locating the front is essential first because the saw will push on this side. Take some measurements from the broadside of the narrow board. It's necessary to make the desired thickness you need to achieve the front you want. However, it's not advisable to consider which cut to make next. 

Adjust blade parallel to the face of the platform 

Circular saw under $50 supposed to be parallel and face the platform. All that will do by rotating the body of the circular saw. 

If you place an incorrect blade, it might cause strain that has some dangers on the circular saw motor that can result in blade shatter. Take a sacrifice wood and give it a push into the blade from the saw and turn the edge over to get the required reference cut underside—the other timber supposed to feed into the module from back and blade guard carefully. 

If the two cuts did not meet a similar point, adjust the blade again. To do this, loosen the back of the clamp and tighten it correctly. If they reached the same level, then the edge is parallel. 

Adjust the height of the blade Circular saw under $50 

Suppose you are ripping the narrow board, the height of the blade adjustments. It would help if you dropped the blade saw down the table surface. You can also use the sliding paper to adjust the height of your necessity—the paper supposed to pass under the edge, which shows a clear indication of the correct height. 

Readjust the parallel 

If the saw's body is at a slight angle, you need to adjust the parallel again. Your blade supposed to be perpendicular to the table. If you need a circular saw under $50, then change the required module. 

Place the clamp board onto the stand. 

You are almost to finish cutting. You now place the clamped board onto the standing table. Before you set, make sure you follow all the procedures correctly. 

Start ripping your narrow board. 

Before you start to cut, ensure you have all protective gear such as a dust mask and glasses. Once done, you can press the trigger button, lock it, and fed the narrow board through the blade. 

If you are ripping, do not force the saw forward. Also, don't take the break in the middle of the cutting. Try to complete your job first before stopping unless of any obstacles. 

Using the above steps, you can rip ¾ inch of the board with ease. 


The above steps are essential if you are ripping narrow board with Circular saw under $50. Once you have done the correct setup, cutting the thin is simple. If you are a beginner, then practice more on how to rip with a circular saw using our guide provided. 

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