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How to Run A Home Based Baking Business in Canada

Ever since the pandemic struck last year, the world has changed. New ways of living were established, and many businesses were forced to close. Canada is no exception. Thousands of people were forced to stay indoors and lost their jobs in the process. If you are one of these unfortunate individuals, you should think of starting a business of your very own.

Why not set up a home-based baking business? It is a great way to earn money because you could do it from the comfort of your home. Here are tips on how to run a home-based business in Canada.

  1. Have a Set Budget

Like any other starter business, your budget will most likely be limited. Before you set out and invest in anything, it is important that you have a set budget. Take the time to research all the basic tools and equipment that you will need. Write them down, and take out anything that you deem unnecessary or too expensive. You should be as utilitarian as possible, and stick to only what's essential or what you could honestly afford. Remember that you are starting a business, so having a set budget will allow you to run your business without going into debt.

  1. Do Your Research on Canadian Business Permits

Although you will be doing most of your business at home, you will still need to get a business permit. The business permits in Canada are usually very straightforward, however, they could take some time to fill out and get approved. A few months before you open your business to the public, you should do your research and have all your permits approved. That way, once you do start your business, you could do so without any lingering fear of breaking the law.

  1. Choose Easy To Produce Pastries


Before you set out and invest money in baking equipment, it is important that you choose the types of baked goods you will be producing. This will allow you to stock up on the necessary ingredients, and come up with a streamlined process for all your baked goods. When you choose the type of baked goods you will be making, they must not only be easy to make, but popular as well. It is best if you stick to the more common baked goods such as garlic bread, croissants, or donuts. They are usually a lot easier to make and are time and cost-efficient as well. If you try to bake more complex types of baked goods such as cakes or macaroons.

  1. Host a Regular Bake Sale Event for the Neighborhood

If you want to jumpstart your baking business, it is a good idea to host a regular bake sale event for your neighborhood. This is a great way for you to spread word of your business, and sell as much of your products as possible. When you host your bake sale it is important that you make it as attractive an event as possible. This means that you bring your A-game.

When you organize your bake sale, you should choose a good venue. If your local neighborhood has a park, you could hold it there. Just make sure that you get a permit before you set up the booths.

You should also set up a lot of booths for your products. When you choose booths, it is best that you avoid making them by hand. If you are going to hold your bake sales on a regular basis, it would be such a hassle to build a new one out of scratch for every event. Luckily, companies such as Aplus have a wide variety of booths that fit any occasion. They also offer 20x20 booth rentals if you don't want to buy them. Running a bake sale every week might seem like a lot of work, however, you should remember that you will need to sell as much of your product in order to succeed. As such, you should put in the time and resources.

  1. Choose a Safe and Dependable Food Delivery Service

You will be conducting a majority of your business online, and once you get orders it is your responsibility to deliver the goods as fast and efficiently as possible. If you have a motorcycle or a car, you could do the deliveries yourself. However, it is better if you use delivery services. They are easy to book and save you the trouble of delivering the products as well.

  1. Follow COVID-19 Protocols

Remember that we are still going through a pandemic, so if you are going to run a home business, it is important that you follow COVID-19 protocols as strictly as possible. One instance of a Covid infection in your home bakery could force you to close down for months. Before you start making your baked goods, you should make sure to disinfect your hands first.

  1.  Market Your Business Effectively

If you want your baking business to do well, it is a good idea to market it as much as possible. When it comes to marketing, you should avoid using costly traditional methods such as newspaper advertisements and TV commercials. 

Instead, it is better if you opt for more sustainable methods such as social media marketing. This type of media is by far one of the most widely used in the world. They are also very cheap to use, and you could reach a lot more potential buyers in the long run.


Ever since Covid-19 reared its ugly head last year, a myriad of businesses was forced to close their business. A lot of people were also forced to close their doors. If you count yourself as one of these individuals, you should think of running a home-based baking business. With these tips, you'll be able to run your home-based baking business in the most efficient way possible.

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