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How to Run a Successful Charity Event

Most organisations raise funds through charity events. However, organising these events can be time-consuming; especially during the planning stage.

Good planning is the key to a successful charity event regardless of how big or small you want it to be. Being organised will make the event run smoother and will also prevent time from being wasted on superficial issues.

Non-profitable fundraising might look easy to pull off, but this is actually not the case. For successful planning, planners need to start at least three months prior to the event. For a successful charity event, think about the following during your planning stages:

1. The event’s goal

What is the purpose of the event? Does the company intend just to raise money or has it other goals, like raising awareness or recruiting volunteers? Some organisations might hold fundraising as a means of networking with local businesses or other similar charities.

The purpose of the event should be at the fore, right from the beginning of the planning stage. This will help keep you focused when outlining the key details for running a successful charity event.

2. The budget

What expenses will there be for you to hold the charity event? Write down a list of all foreseeable expenses and the amount you expect to spend on each. Get realistic quotes, do not just hazard a guess at what costs might be.

Getting definite prices will ensure that your budget is reasonable, so expenses do not exceed monies raised during the event.

Be aware that you should ensure you set aside some money for any unseen expenses. Far better to come in under budget than over budget.

3. Event planning template

It is a good idea to always give donors plenty of notice about the upcoming charity event. This may be a time-consuming exercise. Use event planning templates to make this process seamless.

Send donors images and videos of previously held fundraising events to excite them about your upcoming event so they save the date. This is a great way to engage people regarding your event, to ensure their attendance and acceptance of the event goals.

4.Target audience

What fundraising style do you have in mind? A planner can have more than one style in mind.

Choosing the style to settle for might be hard. Know your target audience as it will guide you on what event type is needed. The event’s theme, venue and entertainment will fall into place effortlessly once you consider your clientele. Always have in the forefront the goal of the charity event so you are not distracted with other secondary goals.

5. Have an event rehearsal

Do not assume everyone knows the role they are expected to play during the event day. Confirm with all staff and volunteers the roles and responsibilities they have been given for the event.

Let them know how you expect the event to flow and how their role will impact on the event. Listen to any questions or suggestions that may arise from this process. Leave nothing to chance or the good old Aussie attitude of “She’ll be right mate”.

Let the planning process do its work.

6. Encourage people to attend

Advertise and market the charity event. Motivate people to attend the event by giving incentives such as ticket discounts or any other gifts. Give offers to those who buy advance tickets to attract more contributors.

7. Thank you notes

The event planning went smoothly, and the fundraising itself was a success. Well, it would be nice to appreciate everyone who made the event a success. The donors went out of their way to contribute to your organisation.

The least you can do is send them a simple email saying how thankful you are for their generosity. You could also put custom donor wall designs in your office to show your appreciation to the people who donated to your charity event.

Do not forget the vendors, volunteers, staff and anyone else who did anything for the event. The charity event would not have been the same without any of them giving of their time and money to further the charities cause. A simple thank you goes a long way.

David Trounce
David is an editor and content creator at Mallee Blue Media. David has a background in small business management and design and lives in Australia.
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