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How to Run Facebook Ads: A Step-By-Step Guide to Manage Advertising Easily

How to Run Facebook Ads: A Step-By-Step Guide to Manage Advertising Easily

Businesses nowadays are focusing on social platforms and are working on smart tactics for social media marketing. More than half of the world owns a smartphone and this has given a boost to the immense use of technology and advanced applications.

With nearly 2.6 billion Facebook users, this platform has become a hot favorite for the advertisement of a business. If advertising and marketing are done with correct strategies and investments, the outcomes can be extremely worthy and Facebook can drive you tremendously huge traffic!

Let’s now talk about Facebook Ads, what they are and how can you run them for the advertisement of your business.


Facebook ads are one of the most efficient and competent ways that a business can use to advertise their products and services online to their targeted audience. For this type of online marketing, you do not have to be an expert enough. All you need is to run campaigns and use the tools correctly to track the performance!

Facebook is having more than 2.6 billion active users and you will find your targeted audience right here!

The revenue of Facebook keeps on generating and year-over-year, the platform is growing rapidly! That means Facebook Ads are super profitable!

Sounds like businesses do make huge money with this platform, isn’t that so?

You might be thinking about how to know if the post or any related thing showing up on our newsfeed is an ad?

Let’s get you up to speed. This is because you can see the ‘sponsored’ tag beneath the page name and ‘like page’ on the top right corner. Such ads also possess call-to-action in the bottom right corner like ‘Learn more’ and ‘Sign Up’.

Let’s now get into this comprehensive guide of how to run Facebook Ads. No matter if you have zero experience in this field but after reading this guide, you will have a complete concept of what Facebook Ads are and how you can manage your business advertising with it!

-Around 96% of the social media marketers and professional article writer consider Facebook advertisement the most successful and reliable one!

Set the objective:

11 basic objectives that Facebook offers 594a82af-BMH

To create a Facebook ad the campaign, log in to the Facebook Ads Manager and select the Campaigns tab then click create. Now you have to choose your marketing objectives as per the requirement of your business. There are 11 basic objectives that Facebook offers. Have a look

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Messages
  • Conversions
  • Catalog sales
  • Store traffic

Name the campaign:

Here comes the next step where you have to select the name of your campaign. There are several options are given on the top and you can select any of it according to the ad and its requirement. This can vary from post engagement, page likes, and event responses.

Set ad account:

When you step into Facebook advertising, after the above-mentioned steps, it will ask you to create an ad account. Here you have to give some details about the country, currency, and time zone. Do not select them in hurry and make a wise choice.

Audience targeting:

audience targeting

Let’s get on to the most detailed part that is of audience targeting. Here you have to decide the type of audience which you want for your No 1 Content ad. The very first option is of the custom audience where you can personally choose the people with whom you have interacted about your business.

Now apart from custom, start targeting your audience by location, gender, age, and language. While making the selections, do not forget to look at the indicator of the audience size. This is given to give you a sense of potential ad reach.

You can also find your airtel number easily, Click here to read the detailed blog written to clear your confusion.

Here you will also witness the number of page likes that would be estimated. If you are a newbie, no worries, Facebook will speed you up and will give an amazing experience. But if you have run several ad campaigns then Facebook will work with a wide variety of data for your business. It would be based on past campaigns.

Do not forget, effective targeting always maximizes ROI. You will also see two basic fields here that would be ‘detailed targeting’ and ‘connections’. The selection depends on you and your business requirements.

Decide Facebook Ad placements:

decide facebook ad placements

Now come to another decision that is to place the Facebook ads. You can choose automatic placements if you are a newbie. You can also place these ads in specific other locations that include device type (mobile, desktop, both), platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger), placements (newsfeeds, stories, in-article, and messages), and specific mobile device and operating systems (iOS, Android).

Set the schedule and budget:

It’s time to decide the budget for the Facebook ad campaign. You can choose any, either lifetime or daily. Select the start and end dates to schedule the ads. Here you have to decide the bid controls and optional costs. Also, if you run your Facebook paid on the schedule then it would be one of the most efficient ways to spend the budget.

After making final selections click continue!

Create your Facebook Ad:

create your facebook ad

Done with the steps? Let’s make an ad!
First of all, choose the format then make the text and media components for the Facebook advertisement.
Do remember one thing, whatever the objective you would select, the formats will be available only on those bases.

Once you are all done with the preview then click the ‘Confirm’ button in green. By clicking, you will submit your order and when the Facebook ad will be approved, you will receive an e-mail about this notification.

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By following the aforementioned steps, you can easily create an ad on Facebook. This guide will help you to become known with the Facebook Ad campaign as well. So are you ready to advertise your business on a bigger platform?

Michael Hussey
Michael Hussey
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