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HomeConstructionHow to Safeguard Your House Against Hurricanes: Essential Tips

How to Safeguard Your House Against Hurricanes: Essential Tips

As every Florida dweller will tell you, ‘they live in paradise’. With warm weather, plenty of sunshine, beaches at the beck and call, what is there not to love. Turns out there isn’t- if only you secure your home against nasty storms and hurricanes that are as much a part of Florida as the beaches themselves. Securing homes against hurricanes and storms is no rocket science but even slight negligence can do a lot of damage. According to one estimate it has caused the United States close to about $450 billion since the start of the 20th century. In this article we will provide you with essential tips to safeguard your homes against hurricanes and any other sort of storm damage. So, let’s dive in.

  1. Check your Home Insurance Coverage

Yes, that’s right. Let’s start with the one that has the most jargon and get it out of the way. Homeowners insurance technically covers damage from tropical hurricanes, winds and rain, however a special deductible over and above the standard may apply if you live in particular danger zones. Most policies enlist all the damage that they cover and if you are aware of any damage which is not covered by the policy you must get it included with a separate deductible or a rider. You should also look out for moratorium on your policy. If the storm has been officially named, a carrier may put a moratorium on the home insurance policy which is-refusing to insure new customers and disallowing existing ones to update their policies to cover the damage from the named storm. In this case you might not be able to add a hurricane deductible even if you deem it necessary. Hiring ProFloridian Public Adjusters located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida may help you with claim settlement in case you are not in a position to file one yourself.

  1. Create a video documentation of vulnerable objects in your home

This should be done as soon as possible before the risk of any hurricane prevails. A detailed video will document all the valuables and will come in handy if some of it is damaged because of the storm. It is also helpful in building a case water damage claim settlement whether you are doing it yourself or are taking the help of reliable Public Adjusters in Fort Lauderdale. Trying to jog your memory for valuables after a storm is like shooting an arrow in the dark as hurricanes and storms are not only physically damaging but emotionally taxing as well. This one tip will save you from any future tussle and will make your claim filing quite smooth.

  1. Protect expensive kitchen appliances

Invest in a good quality surge protector. They will buy you time to disconnect the appliances in case of emergencies. In most cases unplugging an appliance may not be an option as food and other amenities may be required in times of emergency. Therefore investing in a surge protector is a prudent step.

  1. Secure vulnerable objects/ guard window panes

Entry points in a home are especially vulnerable to storm damage therefore if you can, opt for impact resistant windows and doors. Some experts also suggest plywood which you can opt for as storm shutters. Ensure that you properly secure anything outside that can act as a projectile in a hurricane. This is especially difficult if there are farm machineries or wood chippers lying outside of your residential area, however you can create a shed to house any tools or heavy machineries and keep them covered when not in use.

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