Monday, October 2, 2023
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How to Save Foot from Getting Hurt on Concrete Floor

On average, a person walks 75000 to 120,000 miles in their whole life. It sounds like wow, a person is walking the distance equal to 5 times the world’s distance. Usually people are spending time walking to their job, or institutions. The walk can be difficult if you need to walk on the concrete floors for a long time. The people who are doing jobs need to stand on the floors for a long time, especially teachers, factory workers, lawyers, nurses, flight attendants, and many more. Initially you will not feel pain in your foot, but as the time passes there will be pain in the foot that could convert in the injury.

 These types of injuries will last for long and even the job person can’t afford this kind of injury. The injury include sore muscles, arch pain, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and bunions. As I am a physiotherapist I try to help many people who have these kinds of injuries and after treatment I give them some advice and tricks. The tricks include transfer your weight from one foot other foot, put one foot on small stool while you are continuously studding, don’t stand with the side by side foot, if you can place the rubber mat then put that on floor, use the concrete shoes, and use moisture wicking socks. With these tricks they could save themselves from getting injured again.

Use Correct shoes for Walking on Concrete Floors

If you are working in the medical stores, retail shops, factories, warehouses or in the airport then for sure you need to stand for a long time on concrete floors. Try to use a good pair of shoes that could save you from the injuries. These kinds of shoes are called concrete shoes. These shoes have a midsole that is providing the support to prevent your foot from injuries, and keep your tissues soft and put stress away from your feet. If you also add the quality arch support this could help you more to keep your feet more comfortable. If you buy these kinds of shoes then don’t wait to go to the market and buy them right now, because you need these shoes for daily purpose, and you can’t afford leaves.

Use Orthotics

The orthotics is the special kind of object that is inserted in the shoe to prevent your foot from getting injured, and also help your disturbed muscles to work normally.  With the help of the orthotics you can easily walk on the concrete floor and you can easily stand without putting stress on your feet. This is not a bad investment, once you buy the orthotics these will last in 6 to 9 months, and you can save your feet from getting injured. Usually people are buying the customized orthotics according to the foot size, so if you are not finding the orthotics of your foot size then you can also get the customized one on the special order. You can even choose the material according to your needs.


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